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Online Tutoring


Los Angeles Valley College is happy to offer its students free 24/7 English tutoring through NetTutor services. NetTutor also provides online tutoring through a variety of other subjects such as, but not limited to, Astronomy, Biology, Math, and Nursing. There is a 5 hour limit to NetTutor per semester (which may change at LAVC’s discretion), and you must be enrolled in a class that utilizes CANVAS in order to access NetTutor services. If your course is not online, it is up to the professor to have a CANVAS component, and course offerings are at NetTutor’s discretion (not Los Angeles Valley College).

For more information, please visit Virtual Valley website

The videos below illustrate how to sign up and access NetTutor:




 Signing-in to NetTutor for the first time



Signing-in to NetTutor/via Canvas