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Welcome Faculty!

Virtual Valley is committed to ensuring that your distance education teaching experience is a success. We want to make sure you have the tools you need, when you need them. The resources below will help you in planning, designing, and delivering your course. If there is anything else you need, don't hesitate to ask for it.

Accessibility Guidelines
Accessibility guidelines for
online classes
Approved Classes and Instructors
Find the complete listing here
CDEC Minutes
Agendas and Minutes are located here
DE Policies
Policies passed by the College Distance Education Committee
Distance Education Certification
Canvas certificate and training information
Distance Learning Resources
Articles, websites, Intelecom, eNewsletter, and CDEC minutes
Getting Started in Online Teaching
Skills needed, certification process, check list, and mentors
A professional online tutoring resource for your students.
Don't Forget to Publish Your Canvas Course
Instructions on how to make your course live.
Storage Space
How and where to upload your media
Video Resources
Free video resources to enhance your presentations
Question Mark - Adding a student online
Adding a Student Online
Adding students after classes begin
Make your videos accessible for students with disabilities
Department Chair Resources
Approved classes, certified instructors, general information
DE vs. Correspondence Education
Learn the difference between DE & correspndence courses
Distance Learning Opportunities
Getting a class, become a mentor, obtain a MiniGrant
Evaluating an Online Instructor
Forms for evaluation of an online instructor
Large Class Size Information
Guidelines & resources for larger classes
Online Course Approval Process
Procedure, examples, and forms
Requesting a Canvas Development Site
Form for a site for preparing online course materials
Training Opportunities
Canvas certification and
training schedule
Web Enhancing Your Course
Procedure, suggestions, and form

Is Online Learning Right for You? An online class is an excellent option for students and faculty who are comfortable with computer technology, want the flexibility to participate on days and times that are convenient for them, are independent and self-motivated. If this sounds like you, then you are a candidate for online learning!

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Faculty Testimonials

Almost every day, I have a chance to send my student a link to a magazine, newspaper artical, or a video and say 'check this out'


Bill Dauber - Journalalism


I get to know my online student even better than those in my traditional face-to-face classes... online classes allow for the presentation of material in multiple ways...


Rebecca Stine Anthropology


Online teaching is a dynamic way to interact with students... the online class environment encourages everyone's active involvement and participation.


Jessica Mintz English


I find that student interact with each other on a higher level in the discussion forums online then they do in the classroom.


Michelle Visco-Lewis History


English composition works beautifully online... My students actually work together even though their schedules are wildly different and we even have fun.


Marion Heyn English


Online classes provide an infinite number of ways to conduct classes for various subjects.


Rick Murray History


My students get to see a bigger picture than just me lecturing in front of a white board... they can learn any time from any location.


Dale Fulkerson - Art

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