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Veterans Responsibilities

Veterans Services Contact & Hours

(818) 778-5627

Mon - Thu   8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday         8 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Students receiving Veterans Benefits are required to submit official transcripts from all colleges attended (outside the Los Angeles Community Colleges District) during or after military service. Transcripts must be sent directly to Los Angeles Valley College from the college or university where you attended by the second semester of attendance.

VA Certifications

We are required to report to the Veterans Administration any enrollment changes within 30-days. Therefore, you are required to immediately report, in writing, any changes to your original certification to the LAVC Veterans Office.

Declaring an Academic Objective

The Veterans Administration requires students to declare an academic objective (occupational certificate, associate degree or transfer program) in order to certify for your benefits. Only courses that meet the requirements for your academic objective may be certified. The VA will only pay for one major at a time. Changes to your major or academic objective must be reported to the Veterans Office and you must complete a new SEP with the counselor.

Withdrawing from Classes

The law requires that students notify the Veterans Office before withdrawing from classes. If the enrollment change is due to reasons beyond the student's control (as allowed by the VA) benefits will be adjusted on the effective date of the reduction. To apply for the adjustment students must file a Statement in Support of Claim Form 21-4138.

Taking Classes Concurrently

It is acceptable to take classes at another college or university, but you must receive permission from the Veterans Office at the college that certifies your educational benefits. Valley College students are required to get a Parent School Letter from our Veterans Office to submit to the secondary institution in order to be certified for the course or courses taken.

incomplete (INC) Grades

If you received a grade of INC, you must complete a Grade Certification Form (available from the LAVC website) and submit it to the Veteran's Office within two weeks after the grade was received. You are also responsible for notifying the office when grade is changed.

Repeating Courses

The Veterans Administration pays for letter grades of: A, B, C, or D. They do not pay for successfully completed courses more than once. If you choose to repeat a course for grade forgiveness, the VA will not pay for that course. There are some courses in the college catalog that required a specific minimum grade for successful completion of course requirements. These courses may be approved by the VA for repeatability.

Military Basic Training for LAVC and CSU GE Credit
LAVC General Education Plans A and B

In accordance with LACCD Administrative Regulation E-118, veteran students who submit to the Admissions Office their DD214 verifying their basic military training receive 3 units of general education credit in Area E (Health and Physical Education) toward their AA/AS degree consisting of 2 units of health and 1 unit of physical education and an additional 3 units of elective credit. This credit is indicated on the student’s transcript as described in E-120.

CSU General Education Certification

Based on the recommendation of CSU Executive Order #1036, veteran students who submit to the Admissions Office their DD214 verifying their basic military training will be granted an exemption and partial certification for the CSU General Education Plan, Area E (Lifelong Learning and Self Development). An exemption means that no unit or course credit will be granted. The exemption and partial certification will be noted on the student’s transcript as described in E-120.

You may petition for this credit by submitting a Military Credit Petition with a copy of your DD214 to the Veterans Office. Military credit applies to all educational benefit chapters except Chapter 35.