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LAVC Urban Forest

LAVC Urban Forest


Tree-Campus-USA-Photo_sm.jpgLA Valley College NAMED a Tree Campus USA FOR the sixth year in row

Los Angeles Valley College is proud of the trees and plants that make up its beautiful urban forest. Since 2011, the college holds the unique distinction of being the first community college in California, and the first college campus in Los Angeles to be named as a Tree Campus USA® by the Arbor Day Foundation and Toyota Motors North America, Inc.

Taking LAVC's lead, other institutions across California have become one of the 11 Tree Campus USA campuses in the state. Today, LAVC is still the only community college campus in Southern California to be honored with this recognition.

Established by LAVC's founding Biology faculty, the college now has over 1,600 trees and plants that make up its thriving urban forest. The beautiful campus environment is not only enjoyed by students, faculty and the community, but is also a teaching tool for biology students. Read the History of LAVC's Urban Forest.

In 2010, the college embarked on a establishing a Urban Forest Master Plan to help guide the college on the ongoing maintenance and sustainability of its diverse urban forest. In addition, creation of the urban forest master plan set the pathway for Valley College's desire to apply to be a Tree Campus USA®. The Urban Forest Master Plan provides the college with an all encompassing resource in the preservation, restoration and regeneration of their invaluable asset. The campus’ urban forest is not only a vital part of LAVC’s identity, its stature is equally important for the surrounding community. Preservation of this valuable asset is crucial both to the community and the College. Read about the LAVC Urban Forest Master Plan.

The prestigious Tree Campus USA® designation was originally awarded to Los Angeles Valley College in March 2012, which serves as a testament to the college’s commitment to preserving and maintaining its urban forest. Tree Campus USA, a national program launched in 2008 by the Arbor Day Foundation, honors colleges and universities and their leaders for promoting healthy trees and engaging students and staff in the spirit of conservation. Read about LAVC's Journey to be a Tree Campus USA.


Past Events:

Arbor Day Foundation Tree Planting Event - October 15, 2012

Cape Chestnut Tree Blooming Trees lining a walkway Yellow Flowers of a Gold Medallion Tree Trees in front of a building