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Career & Transfer Center Resources


The Career & Transfer Center offers a wide range of literature on major occupational fields.  Resources include descriptions of specific careers, the kind of preparation needed, earnings, employment outlook, and job search techniques.  In addition, the career library has many books on resume writing and interview techniques.  Career counseling is also available on an appointment basis.  Assessments on interests, skills, values, and personality are accessible to students as well.

Several Computer Guidance Systems are available to assist students in their career planning process.  Eureka allows students to consider important factors that are involved in making satisfying educational and career decisions.  All programs provide information on occupations, majors, colleges, and training programs.  Students are able to make print-outs of information to discuss further with a counselor.

Eureka provides the most up-to-date California information on occupations and colleges.  These files also contain key facts on financial aid, scholarships, staring your own business, professional associations, and tips on job-hunting.

Please come into the Career &Transfer Center for more information (818) 947-2646.

College Catalogs and References:

A complete library of literature on UC, CSU, private, community college, America's Black and Tribal colleges, and out-of-state colleges and universities is available to all students.  The library also includes books on how to write a college entrance essay, college scholarships, university rankings, college contact information, and domestic college guides.  

College Finders: 

The Career & Transfer Center offers computerized school finders to help students in choosing an appropriate college or university.

College Source enables students to select a range of criteria including major, cost, location, affiliation, and size in facilitating the research of any college or university.

School Finder allows students to search for colleges and universities by major, size, and location.

Video Library:

Information on a wide range of careers, colleges, and universities are available on video tapes which can be viewed at the Career & Transfer Center.