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New Students

Prospective Students


Welcome to Valley College!  In order to enroll in classes at LAVC new students must complete the following steps:

  • Apply to LAVC online at
  • Apply for Financial Aid at
  • Complete the Three Core Services (POC)
    • PLACEMENT - NEW ENGLISH AND MATH PLACEMENT PROCESS:  Following the guidelines of AB 705, LA Valley College has implemented a new process for placement into English and Math courses. English as a Native Language (ENL) & Math assessments are no longer offered as of February 5th, 2019. The process uses multiple measures including high school coursework, grades and grade point average to determine placement into college level English and Math. Please visit  for more information.  The English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment is still being offered. Students interested in being placed in the ESL sequence may visit the Assessment Center starting Wednesday, Feb 20th. 
    • ORIENTATION: Complete online at

    • COUNSELING/FIRST SEMESTER EDUCATIONAL PLANNING: Complete First Semester Educational Planning online at or attend an in-person session conducted by a counselor.  Appointments for in-person, First Semester Educational Planning can be scheduled in the Assessment Center immediately following your assessment, or in the Counseling Department (SSA 151).  Visit the Counseling Department Webpage at  or call (818) 947-2600, ext. 4200.
  • Register for First Semester Courses:
    • Before the semester starts, register for classes ONLINE through the LACCD Student Information System.
    • After the semester starts, you may attempt to “crash” a course by attending your desired course(s) and asking the instructor(s) for an ADD PERMIT.  Once obtained, you must submit the ADD PERMIT to Admissions &    Records Office by the deadline to enroll in the course(s). 
  • Pay Your Fees:  You can pay your fees online  through the Student Information System or pay in person at the Business Office.
  • Obtain Your LAVC Student ID:  Once you have paid for your classes, show your Registration/Fee Receipt to obtain a Student ID in the Admissions & Records Office.
  • Attend Your Classes: The next step is to attend your classes. Refer to the Schedule of Classes to learn when your classes begin and attend starting the first day.