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Eligibility/How to Apply


What Makes An Honors Student?

  • Highly motivated with a strong desire to learn
  • Enjoy participating in class and giving presentations
  • Appreciate enrichment activities: plays, museums, art exhibits, concerts
  • Willing to rise to the challenge
  • Autonomous learner who feels responsible for educating oneself
  • Collaborative spirit of helping one another learn
  • Educational plan includes transfer to a 4-year college/university


Incoming Freshmen Applicants

Students entering the program directly after graduating high school are required to have a cumulative, unweighted, 3.25 GPA or better, a Math Placement score sufficient for Math 125 or higher, provide evidence of eligibility or completion of English 101, and a copy of high school transcripts indicating graduation date.

Continuing College Student Applicants

Students already attending College are required to have completed at least 15 (UC) transferable units with a 3.25 GPA or better, English 101 eligibility, Math 125 eligibility or completion, and a copy of all previous college transcripts. Students with Bachelor's degree or higher are not eligible for TAP.

Maintenance and Program Completion

To maintain eligibility in the TAP Program, a student must:

  • Complete English 101 or English 101“H” honors.
  • Students starting TAP after High School are required to complete 18 units of honors classes.
    Students starting TAP after 15 or more (UC) transferable units are required to complete 15 units of honors classes
  • Complete Library Science 101 which is offered in traditional and online formats.
  • Maintain at least a 3.25 UC transferable G.P.A. (Some schools/majors require a higher GPA to be competitive as transfers).
  • Participate in TAP/Honors for at least one academic year or a Fall and Spring semester prior to transfer. Complete at least 2 honors classes by the end of the Fall semester prior to transferring.
  • Complete TAP Certification when applying for transfer to participating colleges/universities.
  • Keep all contact information, including email address, current at all times.
  • Keep up on program information and events through monthly TAP newsletter
  • Make regular appointments with a TAP counselor.

How To Apply

To apply to the Transfer Alliance /Honors Program (TAP) please:

See a TAP Team Counselor on a drop-in appointment in the Counseling Department, Student Services Annex, to discuss your qualifications and to obtain an application or download the application below.

Transfer Alliance/Honors Program (TAP) Application (PDF)

TAP Team Counselor:

Dr. Michael Gold

(818) 947-2630