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Student Success

Student Success


Welcome to the LAVC Student Success webpage!

What is your goal here at Los Angeles Valley College?  Do you want to earn a certificate, obtain an associate's degree, or transfer to a university?  We want to help you navigate your pathway through the college and complete your goals! The most successful students stay focused on completion. They have what researchers call "grit" or perseverance, the ability to follow through with what they start. Successful students know how to monitor their own progress, adjust their behavior, and ask for help along the way.

The Student Success Checklists on the left can serve as a guide for you, as a way of ensuring that you're moving closer to completion with each step. Be sure to review this periodically online or print them out, keep them in a folder, and check off the steps each semester. Remember that you are not alone on this path. Your community at Valley College is here to support you along the way. Let the journey begin!

New students should start with the "Getting Started at College" list and then move on to (and revisit often) "Being a Successful College Student".

After your first semester make sure to start "Planning for Getting Your Degree" and before you know it you will be ready for "Graduating and Moving On"!

Visit the Student Success Events website often for events such as the Welcome Fair for new students.