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Transfer to Private



Private Universities


—  Transfer requirements will vary

—  Some will take students with 12 - 30 units

—  24 – 30 units: typically waives high school record

—  Some private and out-of-state schools will accept IGETC or CSU Breadth (60 units)

—  Please consult with a counselor.


Private School Articulation Agreements


USC Articulation Agreements
To view the articulation agreements for a STEM major please select the major from the selection box.

Please remember to review all information with a counselor.


Welcome to USC

USC’s beautiful and historic University Park campus is a great destination for visitors to Los Angeles. This video offers a preview of what’s in store when you come to campus–classic architecture, park-like grounds, museums, cafés, entertainment and more.


Investing In Your Future: Financial Aid and USC

Want to learn more about financing your studies at USC? Watch our video below, USC Financial Aid for Prospective Students. This video presentation covers the various types of financial aid, how to apply and how USC determines your financial aid eligibility.


Transfer Applicants

Congratulations! You've made the decision to transfer to USC. This guide will lead you through the process of joining one of the most vibrant and accomplished student bodies in the United States.