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Global Cohort START Program

START Program




Are you a new student planning to earn an associate's degree and/or transfer? START is designed to get you started on the path to successfully completing these goals!

What is the START Program?

START focuses on three classes – math, English and Personal Development. Students are enrolled in a math and English course for Fall 2015 and a Personal Development class for either Summer or Fall 2015. Students also have the option of participating in the Summer Bridge option.

What is the Summer Bridge Option?

Summer Bridge gives students the opportunity to enroll in a three-week session (July 27-August 14) to improve their math skills. Students will have the opportunity to improve their math placement in the summer bridge.  As part of the session, students are also enrolled in the Counseling 1 course. For more information, see the START Application.

Why Math, English and Personal Development?

Students who have already taken math and English are more likely to succeed in other classes. Competency in math and English are required for graduation and are central to transfer requirements – students must take these classes. In addition, math and English skills are highly desired by employers.

Counseling 1 is a student success class which provides information about LAVC, its services and programs. The class offers an overview of student success skills and assistance in educational and career planning.

How do I Enroll in the START Program?

START is open only to new students who have the goal of earning an associate's degree or transferring. Enrollment is subject to availability of courses. Students are encouraged to take the Summer Bridge option but may also enroll just for the fall semester.

Have you already applied to the college?

If not, go to the Admissions Office to file a paper application in person.

Have you already completed the assessment test?

If not, contact the Assessment Center to schedule the test. Make sure to prepare first! After you complete the test, you will be given your results and scheduled for an orientation and educational planning session where you may be enrolled in START.

Have you already completed the online orientation and attended a Student Educational Planning session?

If not, view the online orientation and contact the Counseling Office ((818) 947-2600 ext. 4200) to be scheduled for an educational planning session where you may be enrolled in START.

Questions? Email