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Cooperative Education Office

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November Updates

 Service Learning Application Deadline: Friday, November 8.

Late applications will not be accepted. 

The Co-op Ed./Service Learning Office will be closed Nov 25 - Nov. 29

Become a volunteer in your community and make a difference in the world around you!

Click the link to see a movie about Service LearningWhat is Service Learning Video

Los Angeles Valley College's Service Learning Program links students as volunteers with volunteer opportunities (PDF). Through volunteer service, students gain valuable practical experience that can be related to any class.

Many LAVC instructors incorporate Service Learning into their courses enhancing opportunities for learning, while allowing students to gain hands-on work experience in the community. Most requirements are about 15 to 20 hours of volunteer service per semester. Students must also maintain a "reflection journal," challenging them to think, write, and talk critically about (and thereby learn from) their experiences.

Benefits to You

Apply what you learn to
real life experience       
Engaged students increase the likelihood of remaining in school and achieving their  goals

Foster cultural awareness
and diversity


Develop leadership and teamwork skills

Increase self-esteem
and critical thinking skills

Volunteer and boost your resume and college applications

Benefits to Faculty

  • Relevancy of course material to the working world encourages students to remain in class and earn better grades.
  • Provides reflective learning tools and suggest feedback to maximize learning through service. 
  • Questionnaires evaluate service and learning outcomes.
  • Develop students' civic and leadership skills.







Benefits to Community Agencies

  • Expand base of volunteers
  • Incorporate college students' enthusiasm, energy, and new perspectives to services provided
  • Increase public awareness of key issues and services
  • Help shape student learning and knowledge of their surrounding community
  • Foster civic responsibility 
  • Develop long-term partnerships with the college

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer student helping two children complete their homework.
Volunteer student providing assistance to the teacher in the classroom. Volunteer student reading to two elderly women at a nursing home.

Wherever your interests lie, you can make a difference. Your services are needed in a variety of areas.

Youth Programs

  • Assist with tutor and mentor programs
  • Work in daycare programs
  • Gang prevention


  • Assist in homeless shelters

Senior Service

  • Visit homebound, isolated seniors.

Housing Programs

  • Work with programs that provide affordable housing and services to low-income families.

Health Programs

  • Be part of health education programs in local schools and the community.


  • Help children learn to read.


Political involvement

  • Work on policy manuals outlining issues facing the San Fernando Valley.
  • Assists with voter registration.


  • Assist with water, forest, and wildlife protection.
  • Work with local animal shelters and pet adoption agencies.

We made Service Learning easier!  Here is how it works: 

Step 1:  Find an instructor willing to integrate Service Learning into their   course for extra credit. If your instructor is not on the list of participating SL faculty, ask your professor if he/she is willing to integrate SL into their course.

Step 2: Start searching for a non-profit organization where you wish to volunteer. Not sure where to volunteer?  Check out our Volunteer Opportunities list. 


  • Start your search early as some organizations require prospective volunteers to go through an interview process and/or training.
  • When interviewing with the organization you have selected, discuss length of volunteer service, duties, and training.
  • Need help with your resume?  Check out these workshops on campus.

Step 3. Fill out the Service Learning Program Application and return the completed form to the Cooperative Education Office or email it to

Step 4. Your application will be reviewed to ensure it is complete and volunteering will take place at a non-profit organization. 

*Please do not start volunteering before your application is reviewed and approved.

Step 5. Submit your Service Learning Agreement Online.

Step 6. Once you have completed your hours of service, submit your Time Log online.

Online Learning Agreement and Time Log will be reviewed and approved electronically by non-profit agency supervisor and instructor.

If you need help with the application process, let us know.  We are here to help!

For more information or assistance, contact the Cooperative Education Office at 818-947-2334 or email: