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Construction / Parking Updates

The following construction projects are currently taking place at Los Angeles Valley College.

Should there be an emergency, please contact the LAVC Sheriff's Office at (818) 947-2911.

Posted: 12/12/2018

Flashing construction barricadeTemporary Closure of Behavioral Sciences to Remove the Central Plant's Chiller Machine

December 27, 2018

Beginning on Thursday, December 27, the Behavioral Sciences building will be closed so that a crane can remove the chiller machine in the Central Plant as part of the Energy Infrastructure Improvements (EII) Project.

The Behavioral Sciences building is being closed as a safety precaution. A crane will be lifting the chiller machine from the Central Plant and flying it over the east end of the Behavioral Sciences building to a flatbed truck located on Campus Drive. 

During this activity, Campus Drive will experience intermittent closures during crane operations. There may also be impacts to pedestrian access in the area as well as noise from construction equipment associated with construction activities.

For more information on the EII Project, please contact Bruce Johnson of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950 or

Revised: 12/13/2018

Construction barricadeTemporary Closure of Covered Walkway in Front of Foreign Language, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences buildings

December 17-31, 2018

On Monday, December 17, ADA improvement work along the covered walkway by Foreign Language, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences will begin. This work is part of the Transportation Accessibility Improvements (TAI) project.

The covered walkway in front of Foreign Language, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences will be temporarily closed for ADA improvements as illustrated on this campus map. View a map of the alternative travel routes during this construction project.

There may be impacts to pedestrian access in the area as well as noise from construction equipment and dust/smoke associated with construction activities during this project. 

The construction period is scheduled for two weeks ending on December 28. Please check back at a later date for a Construction Notice that will detail the detour routes while the construction is ongoing. 

For more information on the Project, please contact Bruce Johnson of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950 or

Posted: 12/11/2018

ShutoffClosure of Chilled Water System in the Central Plant for Energy Infrastructure Improvements

December 12, 2018-February 7, 2019

From Wednesday, December 12, 2018-Thursday, February 7, 2019, the chilled water systems in the Central Plant will be shut down so that the contractor can install new equipment needed for the future Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank. 

The contractor will be installing a new chiller, 6 pumps, new electrical panels, and new piping to provide a connection to the future Thermal Energy Storage tank (TES), which will be under construction in Spring 2019.

The campus will not have chilled water available during this construction phase, and there may be noise from construction equipment during this phase of the project

For more information on the EII Project, please contact Bruce Johnson of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950 or

Updated: 12/06/2018

Flashing construction barricadeClosure of Lot H, Quad Park, and Bungalows 45-47, 50-52, and 48-49 in Preparation for the Energy Infrastructure Improvement Project

December 6, 2018-March 17, 2020

Starting on Thursday, December 6, mobilization will begin for the Energy Infrastructure Improvement (EII) project. The project includes the demolition of Bungalows 45-47 and 50-52 in preparation for the construction of the Thermal Energy Storage Tank (TES), equipment upgrades in the Central Plant, and construction of underground piping for the north loop located at the north end of Monarch Square.

Construction fencing will be erected around Lot H, the Quad Park, and Bungalows 45-47, 50-52, and 48-49. Pedestrian access into the campus will be available on the west side of Lot H as illustrated on this diagram.

In addition, Lot H will be used for contractor's offices, parking and layfown, and will be closed to campus parking during the duration of the project. 

For more information on the EII Project, please contact Bruce Johnson of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950 or

Posted: 8/24/18

Attention iconClosure of Southern Portion of Bungalows in preparation for the Bungalow Removal Project

August 23, 2018-TBD

In preparation for an upcoming Bungalow Removal Project, most of the bungalows along Burbank Boulevard have been permanently closed. 

The new fencing has been installed around groups of bungalows until they are demolished. There are designated pedestrian pathways through the area to allow for pedestrian access into the campus from Burbank Boulevard and from Parking Lot H, as illustrated on the LAVC Campus Map.

In addition, College Sheriff personnel will continue to patrol the area. If you see any suspicious activity, please report it to the LAVC Sheriff's Office at (818) 947-2433. 

For more information regarding this project, contact Tom Lopez in Maintenance & Operations at (818) 947-2301.

Posted: 09/09/16

Construction barricade

Installation of the Valley Academic and Cultural Center Construction Fencing, Permanent Closure of Parking Lot C & Restriping of Parking Lot B 

September 10, 2016-February 2019

Starting Saturday, September 10, activities related to the construction of the new Valley Academic and Cultural Center (VACC) will begin.

Parking Lot B will be restriped to delete parking stalls and create a east-west roadway in the lot. In addition, new construction fencing for the VACC project will be installed, and Parking Lot C will permanently close. In Parking lot B, a number of parking stalls will be removed, and a new vehicle access lane will be striped to create a new two-lane vehicle pathway north of a new temporary construction fence starting September 10.

Following that, new construction fencing will be installed that will permanently close Lot C, and the current pedestrian pathways between the Music Building and Campus Drive to Parking Lot B will not be accessible. New paths will be identified / added to facilitate pedestrian traffic around the construction site. Please refer to this map.

For more information on the VACC project, please contact Craig Sprecher of Build-LACCD at (818) 756-0950 or


View Campus Map (with current construction areas)