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The $13.6 million Student Service Complex centralizes a majority of student services into one location on campus. Opened in 2010, it is home to Admissions & Records, Counseling, Financial Aid, Assessment Center, Assessment Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, the Associated Student Union, EOPS, and TRiO.

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What's New at LAVC? Welcome to the reVitalization of Los Angeles Valley College...


Valley College is currently undergoing a $626 million renovation and building project to renovate existing buildings and build new sustainable buildings. Existing classroom buildings are being updated with new technology and energy efficient standards. In addition, all new campus structures are being built as LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings.

It all began when the voters of Los Angeles approved Proposition A in 2001 and Proposition AA in 2003 to help improve college facilities at Los Angeles Valley College. Later, Los Angeles voters approved Measure J in 2008 to further improve college facilities and expand educational programs to meet the growing needs of the community.

In 2006, Valley College made history with the opening of its Maintenance and Operations / Sheriff's Station, which was the campus’ first new building in more than 30 years. The Maintenance and Operations / Sheriff’s Station was also heralded as the first LEED-certified building at a college in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).

In the years that followed, the college updated many of its aging facilities and added several new buildings. Existing existing classrooms were redesigned with a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, energy efficient windows and smart-classroom equipment. In addition, the college's run-down bathrooms received a complete makeover.


In 2008, the college opened its Allied Health and Sciences Center, and a remodeled Pool Complex in the North Gymnasium. The Adapted Physical Education Center, which is a new gymnasium with specially modified exercise equipment for individuals with limited mobility, and a state-of-the-art Krupnick Media Arts Center (TV studio) opened in 2009. The beginning of Fall 2010 marked the opening of the Student Services Complex (pictured above) and a portion of the Child Development and Family Complex—the Child Development Center and Child Development Department buildings; the final part of the complex, the Family Resource Center, was completed in mid-2011. In Fall 2012, the college plans to open its new Library and Academic Resource Center. 


Through the support of the voters of Los Angeles, Valley College will be able to continue to improve the campus and provide students with state-of-the-art facilities to help them reach their educational dreams. A list of Measure J construction projects include: a Media Arts and Performing Arts Center, Administration/Workforce Development building, a multipurpose Community Services Center, an athletic training facility, a new parking structure, a Monarch Center (student union), and a Planetarium building expansion.

To learn more about the construction and renovation projects at Valley College, click the list of links below. 


Construction/Renovation Schedule:


New Construction Projects Start Date Completion Date
Maintenance & Operations / Sheriff's Station 2005 Completed (2006)
Concession Stand & Visitor Restrooms – Phase 1 2006 Completed (2007)
Allied Health & Sciences Center 2006 Completed (2008)
Adapted Physical Education Center 2008 Completed (2008)
The Belle & Harry Krupnick Media Arts Center - TV Studio 2008 Completed (2009)
Student Services Complex - Student Services Center & Annex 2009 Completed (2010)

Child Development & Family Complex - Child Development Center /
Child Development Department & Family Resource Center

2008 Completed (2011)
Community Services Center 2013 2014
Library & Academic Resource Center 2009 Completed (2012)
Athletic Training Facility 2013 2014
Performing & Media Arts Center 2013 2014
Monarch Center (Student Union) & Parking Structure 2013 2014
Workforce Development Center / Administration Building 2013 2015
Renovation Projects Start Date Completion Date
Foreign Language Building 2005 Completed (2005)
Campus Painting Projects 2005 Completed (2006)
Monarch Stadium / Track & Field 2005 Completed (2007)
Monarch Patio 2006 Completed (2006)
Art Patio 2006 Completed (2006)
Marquee on Oxnard Street & Fulton Avenue 2006 Completed (2006)
Behavioral Sciences Building 2006 Completed (2007)
Campus Center Classrooms - 2nd Floor 2006 Completed (2007)
Campus-Wide Restrooms 2006 Completed (2007)
Campus Center Building - Phase 1   Completed (2009)
Central Plant Upgrades 2006 Completed (2009)
Business Journalism Building 2007 Completed (2007)
Aquatics Center - Swimming & Diving Pools 2007 Completed (2008)
Art Building & Art Gallery 2007 Completed (2008)
Music Building & Music Recital Hall 2007 Completed (2008)
Math Sciences Building 2008 Completed (2008)
Engineering Building 2008 Completed (2008)
Humanities Building 2008 Completed (2009)
Fulton Avenue Entryway & Monarch Square 2008 Completed (2009)
Theater Arts Building 2008 Completed (2009)
Life Science Building & Planetarium 2009 Completed (2009)
Gymnasium Complex - North Gym & South Gym 2006 2012
MTA Extension / Parking Lot A 2011 Completed (2012)
IT Department Renovation 2011 2012
Planetarium Building Expansion 2013 2014
Campus Center Renovation 2013 2014
Motion Picture Building 2013 2014
Campus Center Building - 1st Floor & Basement 2013 2014
Sustainable Mall 2014 2014

To learn more about LACCD initiatives for sustainability, please visit LACCDBuildsGreen.org