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Current Campus Surveys


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Have you been contacted by us to complete a survey?  Below is the list of currently active surveys.

For more information regarding a specific survey or the survey results, please contact

LAVC does not collect passwords or personal information as part of any survey. Some of our surveys redirect users to our external SurveyMonkey site.

Last updated 9/2/20


  • 2020 LAVC Foundation Scholarship Student Survey
  • Child Development Center Survey 2020
  • Class Complaint Form
  • College 101 Student Self Assessment
  • Emergency Funds Application
  • GPS Survey Summer 2020
  • LAVC Community Services Survey, Summer 2020
  • PASO Spring 2020 Student Survey
  • Stat 101 Survey
  • Summer STEM Investigations Camp 2020


  • 2020 Opening Day Survey
  • LAVC OIE Data Request Satisfaction Survey
  • LAVC OIE Satisfaction Survey – Survey Requests
  • PASO Spring 2020 Faculty Survey
  • PASO Spring 2020 Mentor Survey
  • TIA Retrospective Survey (Fall 2020)
  • Title V Coop (TIA) Pre-Survey 2020

‚ÄčRecent Survey Reports and Infographics

Spring 2020 LACCD Employee transition survey 

Click image to download a PDF:

LACCD Spring 2020 Online Transition Survey infographic

LACCD Spring 2020 Online Transition Survey Infographic

Student Transition survey (Click to download full size PDF opens in a new window)

LAVC 2020 Student online transition survey infographic

Spring 2020 Student transition survey infographic

Employee Transition survey (Click to download full size PDF opens in a new window)

LACCD Spring 2020 Online Employee Transition Survey Infographic

LAVC 2020 Employee Transition Infographic