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Professional Development

Workshops & Training Sessions


(All training sessions take place in the PDC, LARC 201 or 200A, unless otherwise noted)

Interested in a full-time teaching job? Click here for the presentation from our fall 2015 Get the Job workshop. Contact us at ext. 2569 for more materials, including interview practice.

Upcoming Events

Fall 2016 Workshops

Dowtown Tour with Pat Allen, Saturday, December 3

Webinars: Click here for log-in information. Attend from your computer or come to LARC 200.

Presentations from workshops, orientations, and Opening Day

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning training session, October 2016

Personalizing Your Class and Photo of workshop participants (one way to personalize your class)

Re-Energizing Your Class and Teaching Methods Survey

Flipped Classroom and TedEd and Handout on Tech Tools for a Flipped Classroom

Creating a Transfer Culture

Privilege Walk

Faculty Evaluation  

Dealing with Student Discipline (handouts)

Library Support for Student Success

     Handout -- Library Essentials for Faculty 

Ethical Dilemmas in the Classroom

21st Century Teaching -- Innovative Technology in the Classroom 

      Flip It Handout

Accommodating Students with Disabilities -- A Collaborative Campus Effort

Digital Contents (What Instructors Should Know)