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Professional Development

Classified Staff Resources


MOS Certification

- click here to find out if you are eligible for a pay differential

Use our training program and practice tests and make an appointment to& take the MOS test in LARC 200 - Click here! [PDF: 44KB] Call ext. 2712 or email for more information.

Materials from our Business Writing Workshops:

Email Etiquette [PDF: 20KB]             
Pronouns [PDF: 28KB]
Capitalization [PDF: 17KB]
Memo Writing [PDF: 9KB]
Adjectives and Adverbs [PDF: 43KB]
Commonly Confused Words [PDF: 30KB]
Parallel Structure and Shifts [PDF: 24KB]
Problems with Modifiers [PDF: 21KB]
Pronunciation [PDF: 26KB]
Complete Sentences [PDF: 14KB]
Spelling [PDF: 19KB]
Sentence Patterns [PDF: 27KB]
Active vs. Passive Voice [PDF: 39KB]
Subject-Verb Agreement [PDF: 74KB]
Who vs. That vs. Which [PDF: 15KB]
Strategies for handling workplace issues:
Tips for Dealing with Difficult People (from Psychology Today)
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