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From the Desk of the President


May 15, 2017

Better Late Than Never!


Hello Monarch Family:

It’s hard to believe that we are half-way through May and just three weeks away from Graduation, which will be held on Tuesday, June 6th.  As in prior years, our ceremony will be held at 9:00 am in Monarch Stadium, and I hope to see y’all there supporting our students.  Our Chancellor, Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, will be with us as will Trustee Mike Eng.  We will also have two great student speakers.

In addition to bringing nice weather, May also brings our very own version of awards season.  Many programs across campus are holding their end-of-year celebrations, not to mention our Ice Cream Social last week where our “Above and Beyond” award winners were announced.  In case you weren’t able to join us, here were the winners in each category:

  • CREATIVITY & INNOVATION – Michelle Lewis
  • JUST DO IT! – Tim Dundore

I know y’all join me in congratulating these honorees.  I also want to thank everyone who took the time to send in nominations to acknowledge the work of your colleagues.  I look forward to taking the award winners to breakfast at Blu Jam this summer.

Last week, at its regular meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the Supplemental Retirement Plan for the entire district.  At Los Angeles Valley College, 18 faculty and 22 classified staff elected to take the SRP. In terms of the faculty, we will not be required to fill these positions until Fall 2018.  As for the classified staff, only 4 out of the 22 staff elected to leave on June 30th.  The remaining staff will leave us on December 31st.  The Personnel Commission is gearing up for the challenge of helping us fill classified positions across the district.  As I have done since I arrived, I will continue to report out at each Institutional Effectiveness Council meeting about the positions I have approved to be filled.

I know this is short notice, but my staff and faculty office hours are coming up quickly:

I encourage you to stop by to say hello, even if you don’t have time to stay longer than it takes to grab a piece of candy.

As you have probably heard, the Governor released his “May Revise” last week.  I have attached a summary of his budget proposal for the community college system from the CCC Vice Chancellor of Finance and Facilities, Mario Rodriguez.  Overall, it’s a very good budget for us, and we are hopeful that it will remain this good as it moves through the legislature.  Of special note is the $150 million set aside for Guided Pathways.  There is some debate going on as to how to allocate those funds.  Many, if not all, CEOs would like to see it released according to FTES; however, there is a push for it to be allocated through a grant process.  A combination of funding formula would be welcome as far as I am concerned.

At its next meeting on May 24th, the Board Facilities Master Planning and Oversight Committee (FMPOC) will discuss some proposed processes for allocating Measure CC funds among the colleges.  The Vice Presidents, Tom Lopez, Mark Strauss and I have had two meetings with the Bond Program Management Office to review our priorities for buildings going forward.  Included in our discussion has been what deferred projects from Measures A, AA, and J we would fund if we were able to capture our “program reserves,” and this will be discussed by FMPOC on May 24th as well.  We have made a great deal of progress on our campus thus far, but we still have many projects we need to complete, so I am really hoping we can get some of that program reserve back.  I will keep you posted, and I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Bond Work Group for their guidance and efforts on the bond program.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their hard work and patience as we work our way through the PeopleSoft SIS implementation.  Today was the first day of registration in the new system, and it did not go as smoothly as hoped.  Last week, we experienced problems in the old system as well as in the new system.  However, despite these issues, students are still being served, and as of this evening, our Summer enrollment is 105% compared to last year at this time.  So, I really want to thank everyone for helping making this possible.  It’s going to be a challenging summer!

As always, thanks for being the amazing place that Los Angeles Valley College is!  Y’ALL ROCK!!!!!

QOTTH ("Queen of the Tree House")

Dr. Erika Endrijonas
Los Angeles Valley College
5800 Fulton Avenue
Valley Glen, CA  91401
Twitter:  @LAVCPrez

Download a copy of President Endrijonas Campus Email - May 15, 2017 [PDF]; Attachment: 2017-18 May Revision Update from CCC Chancellor's Office [PDF]



From the Desk of President Endrijonas