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From the Desk of the President


August 1, 2017

Year 4, Day 1


Hello Monarch Family!

Just a quick note from the Tree House to say that, although it’s hard to believe, today is the beginning of my fourth year at LAVC!  Three years ago today, I arrived to an administration building that was about to be torn down, and I am now writing this email from a state-of-the-art building with a beautiful view of the campus.  Two and half years in the double-wide was definitely worth it!

As you know from my email in July, we are beginning Year 4 debt-free, which was a huge accomplishment for the college, and which will help us tremendously as we navigate some significant enrollment challenges and the transition to the new SIS system this academic year.  Compared to a year ago today, we are about 79% of where we were in terms of both headcount and total enrollment with only 27 days to go before the start of school.  Folks are working hard across the campus to get students in the door and registered, and we will definitely need to redouble our efforts to retain the new and continuing students once the semester actually begins.  I will, of course, share more information about our enrollment issues and what we are doing to address them in the coming weeks and months, but it is definitely going to take all of us working together to increase our enrollment by about 3% to get us back to our “base” of last year.  More about that later…..

I am looking forward to the upcoming Classified Staff Appreciation Picnic on August 15th, Opening Day for the Faculty on August 24th, and Opening Day for Classified Staff on August 25th!  I can’t think of a better way to get the 2017-2018 year off to a great start!

I feel fortunate to be here with all of you at THE Valley College!  Y’all Rock!

QOTTH ("Queen of the Tree House")

Dr. Erika Endrijonas
Los Angeles Valley College
5800 Fulton Avenue
Valley Glen, CA  91401
Twitter:  @LAVCPrez

Download a copy of President Endrijonas Campus Email - August 1, 2017 [PDF]




From the Desk of President Endrijonas