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Committee Members

Deanna Heikkinen, SLO Course and Program Assessment Coordinator
Rafael Arias, GE Pathway Ron Reis, CTE Pathway
Patrick Hunter, Foundational Skills (English)
Adam Littig, Foundational Skills (Math)
Annie Goldman Reed, Student Services
Raul Gonzalez, Administrative Services
Rudy Besikof, Academic Affairs
Maggie Lopez, President's Office
Lisette Martinez, ASU Rep
Rebecca Frank, Chair Curriculum (resource member)
Michelle Fowles, Institutional Effectiveness (resource member)
Deborah Kaye, Professional Development (resource member)



Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC)

SLO Contacts


Outcomes Assessment Coordinator
Deanna Heikkinen
(818) 947-2886
Office: CC243

Academic Affairs SLO Representative
Rudy Besikof,
Dean, Academic Affairs
(818) 947-2625

Administrative Services SLO Representative
Raul Gonzalez
Associate VP, Administrative Services
(818) 947-2533

President's Office SLO Representative
Maggie Lopez,
Executive Assistant to the President
(818) 947-2321

Service Outcomes Assessment Workgroup & Student Services SLO Representative
Annie Goldman Reed,
Associate Dean
(818) 947-2320