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New Students

Prospective Students


Nine Steps to LAVC: A Quick-Start Guide to Enrollment

1Apply for Admission

New Students

If you want to attend Los Angeles Valley College, you must first apply for admission. The following people are eligible to apply:

New or Returning Students

If you have never attended Los Angeles Valley College or have not attended for more than a year, you must apply for admission online through the online Admission Application System.


If you're unsure whether you attended Los Angeles Valley College, please check online to see if you have aregistration appointment.

Current Students

You do not need to apply again, you can check your registration appointment and register for classes through theonline Student Information System

2Apply for Financial Aid

You may qualify to receive financial assistance with your college expenses. Financial Aid is available through the federal and/or state government, and through private sources in the form of grants, scholarships, employment, and loans to eligible students. 

This assistance makes it possible for you to continue your education beyond high school, even if you and your family cannot meet the full cost of the college/university you choose to attend. Visit the Financial Aid Office to learn more.

3Take Assessment

To determine your English and Math course placement, you will need to participate in the assessment process. Your assessment results will enable you to enroll in the appropriate courses and prepare you to fulfill your educational requirements. Visit the Assessment Center to learn more.

4Participate in Orientation

Orientation provides new students with the support and information that is needed to have a smooth transition into Los Angeles Valley College. During Orientation, you will learn about the array of services and resources that are available on campus. Questions regarding registration, student support services, academic policies and student education plans are also answered.


Orientation can be scheduled in person in the Assessment Center or can be taken through the Online Orientation System.

5Choose an Academic Program & Get Academic Counseling

Choose your program from a number of two-year degrees and certificate programs. If you wish to transfer to a four-year college or university, you can complete all your general requirements here.


The LAVC Course Catalog contains a complete list of academic programs, course descriptions as well as transfer information.


Once you have decided on a program meet with a counselor in the Counseling Department every semester to ensure you are on track in meeting your educational goals. The Counseling and Advisement Center provides students with assistance from assessing their skills to identifying career goals and selecting appropriate classes. Visit the Counseling Department to learn more.

6Register & Pay for Classes

After you have submitted an application for admission (Step #1) at Los Angeles Valley College, you will receive a registration appointment. You may register for classes on your appointment date in one of two ways:

For classes that require prerequisites, contact the Prerequisite Office at (818) 947-2420. If you have met a prerequisite at a school outside of the Los Angeles Community College District, bring a copy of your official transcripts or assessment results to the Admissions & Records Office. 


Once you have successfully enrolled in your classes, pay for your student fees online or in person by visiting theBusiness Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are responsible for all fees once they are enrolled. Check the schedule of classes for all refund and drop dates. For more information regarding fees contact the Business Office at (818) 947-2318.

7Parking and ID Card

A parking permit is required to park in any student lot. You may purchase a permit at the Business Office.


A student identification card is required to use many of the resources available on campus. Get your Monarch Card (student ID) at the Admissions & Records OfficePLEASE NOTE: New Students must be enrolled in classes for the current semester before obtaining a Monarch Card.


The first request is free of charge. If you lose your card you will be charged a $10 replacement fee. Students must show a valid photo ID to a college official upon request.

8Purchase Books

Once you are enrolled in your classes you can purchase your books at the Monarch Bookstore. A registration receipt (a print-out that lists the classes you have officially enrolled in) is required to purchase your books. You can obtain your registration receipt in the Admissions & Records Office.

9Attend Your Classes

Congratulations! Your registration process is now complete. Consult the schedule of classes for important semester dates and academic policies. For additional academic dates check out the academic calendar in thecourse catalog.


Now that you are successfully enrolled in classes, we would like to remind you to make use of the services available on campus. For academic assistance, visit the General Tutoring Center

Wireless internet is also available throughout the campus for registered students.