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Please note that as a returning employee you may not need to complete all paperwork again this year. In order to determine what you need to complete to be employed please click here for a list of what forms you need or call Mike Atkin at 818-947-2577 x.4072. If you need a form or forms from this list please click on the one(s) you need below:


W-4            HR-5 Address Warrant            I-9



Once you have determined what paperwork you need, complete it and bring it to the Personnel Office on campus in Administration 105 A. You should call 818-947-2871 first to make sure they will be in the office. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY PAPERWORK THAT YOU DON'T NEED TO COMPLETE. BRING ALL PAPERWORK TO PERSONNEL...DO NOT BRING IT TO THE COMMUNITY SERVICES OFFICE.



We want to get you off to a good start on your new assignment. Before you can get settled in your new job, there are certain tasks that must be completed before your assignment can be processed. Your first responsibility as a new employee is to provide the information required to process your assignment. This information is required for legal employment. You will need to complete the entire new employee packet for your job classification (which is UNCLASSIFIED SERVICE EMPLOYEES), the W-4 and I-9 form.  You will also need to provide evidence of a negative TB (Tuberculosis) Skin Test.


The LACCD forms packet may be completed on-line, Click here to complete and download the forms you will need


      Fill out all the forms within the packet (IMPORTANT: SELECT THE FORMS FOR Unclassified Service Employees-DO NOT USE ANY OTHER FORMS)
> Print the Packet
> Bring a Picture ID and Social Security Card OR U. S. Passport (Original Documents)
> Bring a Work Permit (if you are under 18)
and Tuberculosis Skin Test (TB) Results

      Bring the I-9 and W-4 forms

      Bring a signed copy of the receipt of Unclassified Staff Handbook
> All forms should be submitted to the Administration Building, Personnel Office Room 105A. PLEASE DO NOT BRING COMPLETED FORMS TO THE COMMUNITY SERVICES OFFICE OR TO THE CAMP OFFICE.



If you are under 18, you will need to provide a work permit AND a Consent For Medical Exam Form.

Please download and print this Request For A Work Permit. Follow these steps:

1. You should complete the "For Minor To Complete" Section.

2. Have your parent or guardian complete the "For Parent To Complete" section 

3. Bring it the permit request to the Community Services Office on campus (8 am-4:30 PM M-TH) to have it signed.

4. Then take it to your school to complete the "For School To Complete" section.

5. When you receive the actual permit, bring it when you go to Personnel to be processed).

6. For the Consent For Medical Exam form, please click here, print the file and have your parent sign. Return to Personnel with all of your other paperwork



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Last Updated: 6/12/14