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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of jobs can I qualify for with my Valley College degree or certificate?

Student CrewHere is a sample of the kinds of jobs our alums have found in industry:

  • Camera Operator, TV of Film
  • Sound Technician
  • Lighting Technician
  • Audio Engineer
  • Director
  • Actor
  • Producer
  • Special Effects Supervisor
  • Editor
  • Teacher
  • Writer
  • Technical Director
  • Production Assistant
  • Gaffer
  • Grip
  • Animator

I’ve worked in industry know all the basic stuff.
How do I enroll in a course with prerequisites without having to take a basic course?


I’ve taken equivalent courses at other colleges.
How do I enroll in a course with prerequisites without having to repeat a course?

There is a process in Registration called a Prerequisite Challenge. It means that you have to show documentation that you have taken a course or have industry experience whereby it would make sense for you to skip a required course normally needed to enroll in a higher level course. Three PDF files for the description of that process, their own frequently asked questions, and the actual Prerequisite/Co requisite Challenge Form can be accessed by a page in our Admissions and Records section: http://www.lavc.edu/registerforclasses.html

It will require some homework on your part to make this happen. You’ll need transcripts from other colleges, resumes, and sometimes course outlines or even media projects to show, but it’s do-able. Be sure to start this process in plenty of time before the beginning of the semester, and become familiar with the rules of the process. We want you to succeed at Valley, but at the same time we need to assure the integrity of out program.

Will I need my own equipment to take production courses at Valley?

While we allow student to use their own cameras and computers while working on student projects, we have sufficient cameras, recorders, and computer lab time for you to complete your projects on Valley College equipment. You can expect to spend your own money on expendable goods like camera cassette tapes, film, and perhaps storage devices for your own projects.





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