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Math Lab


The Philip S. Clarke Math Lab



The LAVC Math Lab is located in LARC 226 (Library 2nd floor room 226).

The Math Lab provides free tutoring in mathematics for all actively enrolled LA Valley College students

A valid LA Valley College ID is required for entrance. The lab also provides free access to most math textbooks, some student solution manuals and computers.


Location:  Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC) room 226


Hours of Operation:                                              

The Math Lab will be open starting 06/11/19 for the Summer semester. 

Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Computers and math textbook are available for students to use in the lab.


Want to become a tutor?

We are always interested in hiring more tutors. 

To become a general tutor, you need to be a full time student.  You need to have passed or be currently taking Calculus.  You need to come in and take a Math exam, up to Pre-Calculus (including Trig and Geometry).

To become a Statistics tutor, you need to have completed Statistics course (Math 227); be a full time student, and come in to take a Stats exam.


During Fall and Spring semesters:

Weekly Math 110 and 112 Workshop - TBA

All students who are enrolled in Math 110 and 112 are invited to attend the free Prealgebra workshops covering course material in LARC 212 (Library 2nd floor room 212).

Weekly Math 134 Workshop - TBA

Weekly Math 259 Workshop - TBA

Math Lab Supervisor                            

Yuriy Sokolovskiy                         

MS 104C                                             


Math Lab Instructional Assistant

Nick Olshanskiy, PhD.

LARC 226