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LAVC - Math


The LA Valley College Mathematics Department is located in Math Science 104. The department offers courses ranging from Arithmetic to Differential Equations. The primary goal of the department is to ensure that every student in each math class has the maximum opportunity for success. Although we cannot guarantee this success, it has been our experience that students have a greater likelihood of improved class performance when they employ some simple techniques which are outlined in the Math Department Brochure. We highly recommend that all students read these guidelines.



Course Information:

Class Schedule and Catalog Information


 Course Outlines of Record and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) - all of the course outlines of record and approved students learning outcomes can be viewed on ECD.

-- To view course outlines and SLOs in ECD, go to and click on "Find a Course".  Then select Valley as the college, select the subject and enter the course number, then click "View Results".  Next, click to "View the Course" -- SLOs are attached in Section VIII of the outline.

-- Rubrics for assessing course SLOs are available for Math 113, Math 114, Math 115, Math 120, Math 125, Math 215, Math 225, Math 227, Math 240Math 245, Math 260, and Math 270.  Math 105, Math 110, and Math 112 are assessed through an item analysis on a 10 question, multiple-choice "quiz".


Flowchart of the Recommended Math Course Sequence


 Students Resources:

The Math Lab  is located in the Library and Academic Resource Center (LARC) 226. The lab provides free tutoring in math for any enrolled student at the College. The Math Lab will re-open for the Fall 2012. Bring you Student ID each time you visit the lab.


Math STEM Grant - Accelerated Pathways to STEM


Faculty and Staff - includes office location, phone number, and email address. At this time the listing only contains information about full-time faculty and staff.


Placement Tests - Many mathematics classes have a prerequisite. One way to meet such a prerequisite is by placing into the course by means of an assessment test. The Assessment Center is located on the second floor of the Student Services Building. For practice problems of the skills needed click here.


Watch videos and download study materials for the following courses