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The highly successful Workforce Training program falls under the reins of Dr. Doug Marriott. The department's dean brings a wealth of experience with a background that includes directing Adult Workforce Literacy programs for the Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles as well as a federally funded program that allowed migrant workers to earn GEDs through Proyecto Avanzando. Additionally, he taught high school in Southeast Los Angeles and Central Japan and served as a Community Education Promoter for the U.S. Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic for three years.

At Valley College, Dr. Marriott's leadership resulted in the LAVC Cooperative Education program being recognized as the 2015 College Program of the Year by the California Internship & Work Experience Association for its "leadership and commitment to providing an exemplary Cooperative Education program that incorporates continuous improvement and encourages students to view the workplace as a lifelong learning environment."

Dr. Marriott holds a Doctorate in Education from UCLA and his dissertation examined Community College Career and Technical Education student experiences and definitions of student success.

The founding director of the Workforce Training program, Lennie Ciufo, continues to serve in an advisory role with the program, allowing staff members to readily tap into his 20+ years of experience. A long-time member of the campus, Mr. Ciufo began working for the college in 1974.

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