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Job Training Prepares 125
LA Scholars for Workplace Success

July 14, 2009 -- With smiles on their faces, 125 local high school students accepted certificates after completing Job Training’s 30-hour Workforce Readiness training program. Following graduation, the young adults have been offered paid internships with various prestigious organizations throughout the San Fernando Valley area that include Northrup Grumman Corporation, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, KCBS Television, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and Cal State Northridge.

The comprehensive program, overseen by Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye and coordinated by Angel Graham, included more than just the Workforce Readiness Training. It involved for-credit coursework, preparation for college, supportive services, and the internships.

The Job Training component, held on the college campus, provided topics ranging from communication skills, to job interview skills, resume writing, the workplace culture, and much more.

One student, reflecting on the benefits of the class, said, "It definitely helped me with the next step of both my work and school life. It has prepared me by teaching me all the skills needed in the real world, dealing with people in the workplace, and beyond."

This type of job preparation has proven very important in preparing the students for future success, covering employability skills not often covered in traditional curriculums. These are the skill sets that Job Training partners have identified as critical to advancement in the working world.

Project Director Doug Marriott, discussing the benefits of the program, explained, "This training was customized for the needs of these young adults which is why there was such a positive response. We can and have done the same for adults and transitioning professionals, giving them real world employability skills.

"By customizing our training, we can give our participants a more focused and concentrated set of tools for success in the workplace and beyond."

Students commenting on the program expressed value in topics such as time management, the value of a first impression, preparing for and maintaining a job, the importance of a positive attitude, and interviewing skills. One student summed up the training by saying, "It taught me a lot about the real working world."

LA Scholars show their certificates following graduation
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