Chapter One: Underwriting Overview (.pdf)

Chapter Two: Maximum Mortgage Amounts/Cash Investment Requirements on Purchase Transactions (.pdf)

Chapter Three: Maximum Mortgage Amounts on Refinance Transactions (.pdf)

Chapter Four: Borrower Eligibility and Credit Analysis (.pdf)

Chapter Five: Borrower Funds to Close (.pdf)

Chapter Six: Special Underwriting (.pdf)

Chapter Seven: Assumptions (.pdf)

Chapter Eight: Exhibits (.pdf)

Chapter Nine: Glossary (.pdf)

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Mortgage Insurance

Chapter One: Mortgage Insurance Program Overview (.pdf)

Chapter Two: DE Lender Application and Approval/Lender Insurance Program (LI) Eligibility & Approval (.pdf)

Chapter Three: Mortgage Loan Requirements and Eligibility Criteria (.pdf)

Chapter Four: Property Valuation and Appraisals (.pdf)

Chapter Five: Mortgage Credit Analysis and Borrower Approval (.pdf)

Chapter Six: (Unavailable at this Time)

Chapter Seven: Mortgage Insurance Premiums (MIPs) - .pdf

Chapter Eight: Loan Endorsement (.pdf)

Second Approval Requirements-Limits on Cash-Out Refinances (.pdf)

Non-Tradition Credit Verification (.doc)

Underwriting Loan Transmittal (.doc)

MI Premiums (.doc)

Revised Down Payment (.pdf)

Buy and Bail (.doc)

FHA Appraisal Roster (.doc)

Attach REFI Calculations (.doc)

REFI Calculations (.doc)

Cash Out REFI and CLTV Limits (.doc)

EEM Max Amounts (.doc)

Appraiser Independence (.pdf)

Appraiser Portability (.pdf)

Appraiser Validity Periods (.pdf)

Strengthening of Risk Management (.doc)

Streamline REFI Revision (.doc)

Flood Zone (.doc)

A and B Condo Approval (.pdf)

2010 Max Loan Limits (.pdf)

Attachment I: 2010 Max Loan Limits (.pdf)

Attachment II: 2010 Max Loan Limits (.pdf)

List Serve Registration (.pdf)

FHA Changes Updates 2008 (.pdf)

FHA Changes Updates 2009 (.pdf)

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Additional Information

Case Processing Overview (.pdf)

Case Number Assignment (.pdf)

Holds Tracking (.pdf)

Logging an Appraisal (.pdf)

FHA Approval Lists (.pdf)

FHA Assumption Notice (.pdf)

Endorsing a Single Family FHA Case (.pdf)

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