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Veronica Getskow
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About Professor Getskow

Professor of: Child Development

Phone: (818) 947-2600 ext. 8094


With a passion for teaching adults about young children, Veronica Getskow has served as a preschool and kindergarten teacher as well as a college instructor for more than twenty years. Her educational background includes an MA from CSUN in Psychological Foundations, Early Childhood Specialization.


Veronica has taught for the Los Angeles Community College District since 1998, working at both Valley and Pierce Colleges. She enjoys teaching all of the child development courses and delights in meeting new students each semester. Her two books, Kids with Special Needs and Incredible, Edible Geography were written with both parents and teachers in mind.


The mother of five unique children (one a special needs student), Veronica has learned and will share lessons the textbooks have left out.