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Committee Meeting Dates

9/6/16, 9/20/16, 10/4/16, 10/18/16, 11/1/16, 11/15/16, 12/6/16, 12/20/16, 2/7/17, 2/21/17, 3/7/17, 3/21/17, 4/18/17, 5/2/17, 5/16/17

Committee Members

Karen Daar, VP, Academic Affairs
Mike Lee, VP, Administrative Services
Tino Manzano, VP, Student Services
Annie G. Reed, Associate Dean, Teamsters 911

June Miyasaki Chair, EPC
Tyler Prante, Chair, PEPC
* Josh Miller, Senate President, IEC Chair
Larry Nakamura, AFT 1521 Faculty Guild President
Gregory Morrison, Chair, TC
Meghan G. Cason, Chair, SSC Meredith Leonard, Chair, WEC
Hao Xie, SEIU 721
Cyndi Maddren, AFT 1521A, Staff Guild
Mike Jack, Bldg & Trades/WEIU 99

Student Members
Saleem Moinuddin
Erica Martel

Ex Officio
Erika A. Endrijonas,
LAVC President



Institutional Effectiveness Council

Institutional Effectiveness Council


The Institutional Effectiveness Council

The Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) has the responsibility to oversee the college’s planning process, coordinate and assess the strategic direction of the College, including review of the College’s Strategic Plan, and ensure that the college meets accreditation standards and implements the college’s accreditation planning agenda items. The Council ensures that the college budget supports the college’s mission and goals and links the college budget with college planning. Through the IEC, recommendations are made directly to the College President.

IEC Mission Statement

The IEC oversees, coordinates and assesses long-term planning and budgeting for the College as a basis for effective and informed decision-making through shared governance in alignment with the Educational Master Plan forwarding its recommendations to the College President.

LAVC Strategic Goals 

  • Goal 1: Foster Student completion by supporting a learner-centered environment
  • Goal 2: Increase equity by identifying gaps in achieving outcomes (transfer, associate degree, certificate, etc.) and implement effective models and programming to minimize gaps
  • Goal 3: Through the College's shared governance structures, maximize institutional effectiveness through evaluation of environmental, human, physical and financial resources.

Annual Goals for 2015-16

  1. All campus data integration: establish core indicators and plan alignment.  QFE 1: Data – PEPC, EPC, SS
    1. Establish core indicators with input from above
    2. Align plans
    3. Create a culture of evaluation, utilization of data for decision making
  2. Develop monitoring and assessment processes for QFE 2: Facilities. Ensure follow-through of QFE.
    1. FPC and WEC report regularly
  3. Create a Handbook Workgroup

  4. Establish an Evaluation Workgroup 
  5. Create a Professional Development Advisory group to manage QFE 3: Integrate Campus Professional Development.

IEC Guiding Principles

  1. Foster active participation and communication between all shared governance standing committees and workgroups.
  2. Ensure all recommendations made to the College President are data-driven with factual and substantiated details. Specifically, collects and analyzes data to meet the objectives of the Educational Master Plan, as well as, the campus strategic and operational plans.
  3. Be mindful of fiscal considerations in discussions but never to the detriment of student success.

IEC Representation


  • Academic Senate President or designee
  • AFT 1521 - Faculty Guild President or designee
  • Faculty chair of Educational Planning Committee
  • Faculty chair of Hiring Planning Committee
  • Faculty chair of Program Effectiveness and Planning Committee
  • Faculty chair of Student Success Committee
  • Faculty chair of Technology Committee
  • Faculty chair of Work Environment Committee


  • ASU representatives (2)


  • SEIU 721 - Classified Supervisors representative
  • Building and Trades - Crafts / SEIU 99 - Operations representative
  • AFT 1521A - Staff Guild Chapter Chair or designee


  • LACCD Administrator’s Unit represented by Teamsters Local 911, Academic Supervisors
  • Dean of Research and Planning
  • Vice-President of Academic Affairs or designee
  • Vice-President of Student Services or designee
  • Vice-President of Administrative Services or designee
  • Ex Officio Member: College President
  • Resource Members:  Budget Office

2015-2016 Shared Governance Handbook (PDF; 632KB)

IEC SharePoint site

How to use SharePoint (Doc) 

Decision-Making: Shared Governance Committee Structure 2010-2011 [PDF: 762KB]
Decision-Making: Shared Governance Committee Procedures 2010-2011 [PDF: 337KB[