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Satisfactory Academic Progress

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(818) 947-2412
8am - 7pm
8am - 1pm
Please provide student ID# with email message.

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What does SAP stand for?


LACCD students must meet the SAP Policy detailed within the links below to be eligible to receive financial aid at any of the 9 campuses within the District. Students receiving financial aid enter into an agreement to make Satisfactory Academic Progress toward their educational goal. Failure to maintain these standards will result in the loss of financial assistance.

SAP Policy - English Version 
SAP Policy - Spanish Version 

You May Be Required To Return All Or A Portion Of Your Financial Aid Disbursement If:

  • You completed the semester with ALL non-passing grades (any combination of F's, W's and NP's).
  • You dropped your classes.
  • You were administratively excluded from your classes.

 Summer and Winter Financial Aid

 Summer and Winter terms are included in the evaluation of Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.