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Federal Refund Requirements

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Remember, you don't necessarily have to be a full time student in order to receive aid however, your aid is based on the units/classes you notify us about prior to the start of each semester. If for whatever reason you change your Ed Plan or the number of classes taken, your aid will be adjusted accordingly and either prior to or after the disbursement of your financial aid.

As a federal financial aid recipient you need to be aware of the United States Department of Education Refund requirements. Students who receive federal financial aid and withdraw from one or more classes will have to repay some or all of the funds they received. Failure to repay these funds will result in denial of future federal financial aid at all colleges.

You May Be Required To Return All Or A Portion Of Your Financial Aid Disbursement If:

  • You completed the semester with ALL non-passing grades (any combination of F's, W's and NP's).
  • You dropped your classes.
  • You were administratively excluded from your classes.

If it becomes necessary for you to withdraw from all of your classes, please stop by the financial aid office to discuss your situation so that you are fully aware of the consequences of this action. In the event you still need to withdraw from your courses and/or owe money to the college, state or Department of Education, repayment arrangements must be submitted to The Business Office unless further instruction is provided.