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Committee Meeting Dates

2:00 pm on: 9/12/16, 10/10/16, 11/14/16, 2/13/17, 3/13/17, 4/10/17, 5/8/17

Committee Members

Karen Daar, VP, Academic Affairs*
Deborah diCesare, Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Negrete, Student Services

Faculty Members
June Miyasaki, Senate Appointed*
Patty Melody, Chairs & Directors
William Wallis, Senate Rep
Chauncey Maddren, Faculty   Gloria Daims, Faculty                     Phung Huynh, Faculty           Jacquelyn Hams, DE Coordinator

Staff Members
Lilly Salter, Staff

Student ASU Members
Adam Wilder, ASU Rep

Ex Officio
Michelle Fowles, Dean, Research & Planning

Resource Members
Michelle Fowles, Dean IE




Educational Planning Committee

Educational Planning Committee


The purpose of Educational Planning Committee

The purpose of the Educational Planning Committee is to oversee the writing and implementation of the Educational Master Plan. EPC oversees enrollment issues (e.g., trends and scheduling) and allocates FTE to departments and programs in accordance with the Educational Master Plan and college mission.

EPC Mission Statement

The mission of the EPC is to oversee the implementation of the Educational Master Plan and develop educational related policies.

EPC Goals for 2015-2016:

  1. Revise the Mission Statement.
  2. Assess the implementation of the Educational Master Plan (Track the process, track appropriate matrices, collect and organize data.

Tier 3 Committees/Work Groups that report to Educational Planning Committee



Committee Member SharePoint Site Access

EPC SharePoint site

How to use SharePoint (docx)