red wheelbarrow upside down
To Our Leaders
DeWayne Chavez

The best intentions pave a road to devilish behavior
Drinking bottles of his blood in hopes
Of being saved by my Savior
When you see the Popes
On the golden throne
Watching over their so called own
With no food and no home
Of their own
The rich eat fine wine and clams
While the world of calamity
Has me
Wondering why police abuse authority
Left in a dumpster because she could not afford me
The government makes me sick to my stomach
Churches make me want to vomit
How can I help the world when I’m helpless
With my stress
Rolled in a spliff,
Others pop pills or sniff
But it’s not the seventies
This is now the time of lost integrity
Closing my eyes only to enjoy sweet daymares
Human beings like zombies
Asking why try when nobody cares
Suicides bring more bodies
Our nation has the people asking the same question
God why don’t you care
Too many thoughts after a bible session
My knees hurt from prayers
Every letter from my words climbs up heaven’s stairs
In hope that it reaches God and not just the air