praying mantis on rusted steel post
Two Poems
Irene Petrosyan


Your violence is so sophisticated.
I would like to invite you in for revelry.
Cerebral discourse,
Ecstatic transcendence.
You are probably wondering;
Can I get raw?
I get dirty to the floor.
A genocide of emotions.


A fizzle, a fury, the rabbit, and the hole.
Grey mush is what we’ve become,
Like puzzle pieces left out in the rain.
They just wont fit, we just won't fit.
Ex communication leads to excommunication
This is your brain on drugs
Intravenous lover, suck the marrow dry
White hot and blistering
Pustules darling!
Transgress, then offer a pause
- as though we’d ever begun to play.
Like a claustrophobic masochist
Leasing out a shoe box
I want in for good, I want out for life.
Lets play hide,
All the seekers are dead.