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Two Poems
Karla Silva

Les rêves sur une nuit pluvieuse

There's a drip and a leak
In all four corners of my room,
The tiny whispers fill the space
In a lulling rhythm,
I feel my drooping eyelids drop...
The floors of my sanity give way,
They slip and I fall,
Beating down on the clock,
I feel the ticks and tocks.

Tick, Tock,
Drowning in a incomprehensible sea,
Drowned in memories,
Sanity sways back and forth,
I'm washed away onto a wooden desk
Full of frames and trinkets from my past.
I see a man in a dark picture contemplate me
I tremble in his arms in a cold afternoon
He does not consult with me before he departs,
I know I will miss his light green eyes...

Tick, Tock,
I'm swept away, again I fall,
My child like hands paw at pages
I whine and thrash,
I tear the giant book in half.
I have seen my stories break,
They walk bleeding black,
Showered in red tears, they cry.

Tick, Tock,
The dreamy madness fades
The ticking clock reminds me,
“It's four o'clock,
There was a knock on the door.”
Where are you sanity?
“I lost my key.”
The tiny clock rings in my head.
I crawl towards the bed,
Wakefulness has finally settled,
Staring blankly at the damaged walls,
My unblinking wide eyes,
Are the last twist of the knife.

I Fret The Night

Lost along the river,
With coin-less eyes,
She waits for me sitting...

Her face was so white, so white,
As the ashes she left behind,
I will soon follow her trail.

Her gray hair,
Shining like silver for me,
Her cold jewels are all I hold now.

Her hands so crippled,
I once taught her how to write.
She giggled at my scribbles.

Her scent so sweet,
She would make me custard,
Like honey was her voice.

Her long walks to the church bells,
Prayers, guardian angels,
Her cloudy eyes were a bright light.

We parted,
but never said good-bye,
now I fret every night...

I see her....

Lost along the river,
With coin-less eyes,
She waits for me sitting...
on the shore.