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Editorial Staff

Laura Aved is a work-in-progress, a seeker trying to go beyond self-imposed limitations to let more of the world in, and, of course, a writer.

Inspired by the bicycle, Oscar Chicas both writes and rides.

Following her passion for the written word, Molly LaFleur will be studying literature at UC Santa Cruz in the fall... she will be minoring in awesome.

David Kornblatt’s work is chopped, cooked, smoked, pressed and ground down.

Rod Moore (faculty advisor) agrees with William Styron, in that “Let’s face it, writing is hell.”

Scott Nichols-Collier is an L.A.-based bass guitarist, composer, & storyteller currently majoring in anthropology at Valley College. He is one half of the word-rock band Idiot Savant, & maintains an occasional blog at

Film student Shane Schwartz, an admirer of the arts of all kinds, doesn't like to leave any out. He is also a poet.

Marie Zapien notices the poetry in everything.  And she is especially fond of contemplating the work of e.e. cummings and Wallace Stevens, her hero du jour.