a freeway at night with streams of car lights
Three Poems
Shane Schwartz

Street Orchestra

A moment to myself
I sit and listen to the street orchestra
A motorcycle here
A revved engine there
A couple fighting
A dog barking
And the sirens
The street orchestra never sleeps

The Slow and Steady Snail

Being a shy, nervous guy sucks in this jungle
Because the gorillas
They pound their chest
And steal the women
Like picking flowers
From a garden
While the slow and steady snail
Sits beings stepped on.
He watches and tries to mimic the Gorilla
But the thing about gorillas and snails
Is that they are two different creatures
A snail can never be a gorilla
And a gorilla never wants to
Be a snail
This jungle is too big for snails
The Gorilla may steal the girl
But the snail can win her over
He is smart and cunning
He is kind and daring
All the gorilla knows how to do is pound his chest
And scream

Take me through your Mind

Take me,
To the farthest most
Dark region of your mind
Let me see the skeletons
Hang in your closet
I want to swim in your darkest dreams

Take me on a tour of
Your worst nightmare
I want to know what your
Thoughts smell like
Hang them on meat hooks
And share them with me

Take me through your mind
And exercise your
Let the demons crawl on
Your bottom lip
For you can trust me
I will keep my hatchet sheathed
As I journey

Open the crates of the past
And let the ghost fly free
Give me a boost as I crawl
Through your ventilation
Give me the keys to the doors
That you refuse to open
You can trust me

I won’t judge you
I will shine
Your dusty existence
As you take me though your mind