yellow garden hose on lawn
Two Poems
Molly LaFleur

The One Sure Thing
You always say the right thing.
It makes me nervous at best.
Promises are nothing but ice,
destined to change form -
a puddle, steam, rain,
certain as my fingertips want yours
or the way I run.

I’ve broken you so often it’s a dance
we’ve practiced, we’re spinning, eyes locked,
but it’s no waltz
I’m a sucker for those,
it’s some dizzy thing
with complicated footwork
and this is just one of those dreams
where you can never find what you need
but the need never leaves
it feeds,
like a two headed snake
in a fight with its other half.

What I’m trying to say is
I can’t let go until you let me.
Or until the venom
replaces my blood.


What happened was
God made the universe and everything
but especially the Dinosaurs.
The dinosaurs were God’s favorite toy,
they had big feet that stomped,
and those teeth!

But they used all of God’s
favorite parts to tear at each other,
to rip themselves to bits,
so God hurled the dust he’d
made it all from –
like a tempestuous child,
and blocked the sun
to reclaim it all and grow a new world
once the old one had settled,
fault lines filled in.

By the time it was all done
freezing and thawing
God forgot what the problem had been
and decided to make something new
but with smaller teeth.

No matter the size of the teeth
they’re all made to bite.