grape clusters hanging from vines
When I Dance
Antonia Benyovszky-Jones

When I dance I lose myself
Rhythm moves deep within my bones
Like doves released on a wedding day
Confines disappear
I surrender all
Silent prayers within my dreams
Quiet whispers within a scream

A serpent prince stepping in time
I turned over my heart, my hand to a dance
A guided tour to a faithless void
I followed without trepidation
I relinquish my hold
Falling hard I succumbed to thrash
Teeth barred in an everlasting gnash

The rhythm was light and my step was in time
My wit overrun with the fumes of desire
If the skies had opened and rain not fall
I might hear my father and with faith recharge
My feet sweep softly across the floor
Suffering at my very core

When I dance I lose myself
Let one man come and another one go
Wet my lips and sigh once more
Feeding pain with every turn
Save myself for one more day
A moment’s note my end’s delay