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Educational Master Plan

Educational Master Plan


What is an Educational Master Plan?

An Educational Master Plan (EMP) creates a road map for where we as a college want to be, devises strategies to help us reach these goals, and means to measure our success along the way.  An EMP helps us to make decisions, to link budget and planning, and to link the many different planning activities that take place on campus. Writing a new EMP requires a synthesis of our vision, mission, and core values with data about enrollment, community demographics, labor market projections, and student needs.

EMP Revision 2007-2008

In 2007, the college's EMP Committee (a subcommitee of the Academic Senate) began the process of drafting an new Education Master Plan.  In Spring 2008, the STRATUS team was brought on board to help with the process. For more information about the EMP process and how you can participate, click here.

The Educational Master Plan 2008-2013
The Educational Master Plan 2014-2020 [PDF: 1.7MB]

Educational Site Analysis

EMP Satellite Study Final Site Analysis [PDF: 549KB]

Presentations on the Study 2009:
Educational Master Plan and Educational Sites [PPT: 309MB]
Prop J and the Facilities Master Plan [PPT: 4.1MB]

Materials presented at the June College Council Retreat 2009:
DRAFT Educational Site Analysis Report [PDF: 3.1MB]
The Big Picture [PPT: 3.3MB]

If you have questions on this material, please contact:
General Questions/Educational Master Plan

Darby Southgate, Co-Chair Educational Planning Committee
(818) 947-2527

Karen Daar, Co-Chair Educational Planning Committee
(818) 947-2378

College Planning/The Big Picture

Michelle Fowles, LAVC Dean of Research and Planning
(818) 947-2437

Facility Master Plan

Elena Andrews, Steinberg Architects
(213) 599-4378

Educational Site Analysis

Jennifer Stripe, STRATUS
(323) 606-4079