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Faculty & Staff Phone/Email Directory

  • LAVC extensions beginning with 2 may be reached by dialing (818) 947-2XXX.
  • LAVC extensions beginning with 5 may be reached by dialing (818) 778-5XXX.
  • LAVC extensions beginning with 4 and 8 may NOT be direct dialed, and can be reached by dialing (818) 947-2600 and entering 4XXX or the 8XXX number.
  • Virtual users dial (818) 947-2600. When the system answers dial nine (9) immediately followed by the virtual mailbox number.

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Please note: The information contained in this Directory is maintained by the office of Administrative Services. If your contact information is missing or inaccurate, please contact your Department Chair, Dean or Vice President to request that the directory be updated.