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Time is Running Out to See the LAVC Art Gallery's "Black Comix" Exhibit

Check out the special exhibition of African American independent comic art titled "Black Comix: The Politics and Pleasures of Black Representation." at the LAVC Art Gallery. The exhibit is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. from February 5-March 8.

Time is Running Out to See the LAVC Art Gallery's "Black Comix" Exhibit

The LAVC Art Gallery proudly presents a new exhibition titled "Black Comix: The Politics and Pleasures of Black Representation" from February 5-March 8 in the LAVC Art Gallery in the Art Building.

"Black Comix: The Politics and Pleasures of Black Representation" 

The organized struggle for racial justice in America is a political cornerstone for gauging the American condition. But alongside traditional sites of racial resistance is the increasing centrality of racial representation in American popular culture across various entertainment mediums. Accordingly, comic and graphic art are important sites of ideological, social and cultural struggle concerning race. "Black Comix" specifically demonstrates and draws on a multiplicity of styles but, most impressively, brings these creative formations together in a manner that uniquely explores cultural suppositions regarding black racial representation and a range of engaging debates concerning the black aesthetic articulated in mainstream American pop culture and politics.

The scope, depth and artistic dexterity presented across "Black Comix" are a small sample of the array of images, narratives and ideas in the field. These images are informed by a multifaceted articulation of racial representation around and within an ever-broadening matrix of shifting creative dynamics concerning AstroBlackness, Afrofuturism, black racial fantasy and counter-hegemonic formations of diasporic iterations of “blackness” in American society.

This exhibition seeks to explore these political aspects around cultural production. However, it is also intended to celebrate the breadth and depth of visual expressions by African Americans in the extremely powerful medium of independent comics.

This exhibition, which is held in conjunction with the college's Black Heritage Matters activities, is co-curated by John Jennings, professor of Media and Cultural Studies, UC Riverside, and Dr. Adilifu Nama, professor of African American Studies, Loyola Marymount University. 

In celebration of the new exhibition, the college also held an opening reception with a panel discussion on Thursday, February 8 from 6-8 p.m. in the LAVC Art Gallery.

Admission is free and the exhibition is open to the public. The exhibition is located in the LAVC Art Gallery, and is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., and by appointment. The Art Gallery is closed on holidays and when the campus is closed. View campus map.

Los Angeles Valley College Art Gallery serves as a resource for students and the greater community of the San Fernando Valley. Presenting ambitious visual arts exhibitions, lectures and collaborative partnerships, we provide a dynamic platform for dialogue, inquiry, and discovery. For more information, visit the LAVC Art Gallery Web page.


Posted by: LAVC PR Office on 2/21/2018 5:00:49 PM