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Committee Meeting Dates

10/19/15, 11/16/15, 12/21/15, 2/15/16, 3/21/16, 4/18/16, 5/16/16

Committee Members

**Mike Lee, VP Administrative Services
Tino Manzano, Student Services
Karen Daar, Academic Affairs
Dorothy Bates, Classified
*Hao Xie, Classified Supervisors
Ellie Rabani, Faculty
Vacant, Faculty
Deanna Heikkenen, Faculty
Jim Fenwick, Faculty
Elizabeth Negrete, Associate Dean
Meg Kartounian, Student Resource
Raul Gonzalez, Assoc. VP, Admin. Services
Violet Amrikhas, Financial Analyst
Arlene Stein, Administrative Assistant
Tom Aduwo, Administrative Analyst

Ex Officio
Dr. Erika Endrijonas, President



Budget Committee

Budget Committee


Mission and Purpose: 

The Budget Committee functions as a participatory governance committee under the auspices of and reporting regularly to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee. Its primary purpose is to strategically guide fiscal planning and the development of procedures, policies, guidelines, timelines, and evaluation metrics for determining allocations and or reductions of budget expenditures. 


The committee will develop processes of systematic prioritization of college wide budget requests and evaluation of expenditures to achieve and sustain fiscal stability for the institution. 


  1. Reports regularly to the Institutional Effectiveness committee.
  2. Establishes benchmarks to evaluate college budget expenditures.
  3. Reviews and assesses existing budget policies:
    1. Implements improvements as needed.
    2. Develops budget procedures, policies, guidelines, and annual timelines as needed. 
  4. Assists in the development of college responses to budget and planning recommendations (accreditation).
  5. Makes recommendations for an annual balanced budget by reviewing and prioritizing funding requests and plans for reductions and generating revenue.
  6. Promotes transparency and enhanced understanding of the institution’s fiscal matters.
  7. Reviews financial statements and budget-related documents generated from the College Budget Office. 

Makes Reports To&

Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)
Campus constituent groups

Makes Recommendation To

The President


Two (2) times per month 

Membership (11 dependent on the status of student participation) 

Membership reflects the Institution’s participatory governance philosophy as follows: 

  • (4) Academic Senate and Faculty Guild
  • (2) Classified Staff (One Classified Staff to be 1521A)
  • (1) Teamsters (Dean)(1) Vice President Administrative Services – will serve as Co chair 2 12/12/13 Version3
  • (2) Vice Presidents (Academic Affairs and Student Services) or Designee
  • (1) Student


  1. The VPAS will be a standing co-chair. The committee will elect a Chair.
  2. Administrative support will be provided by the Office of Administrative Services.