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LAVC Broadcasting Club



- the Broadcasting Club -


                                          KVCM Monarch Radio         

 "The Voice of Valley College!"




2018 Academic Year

PRESIDENT - Ozzie Flamenco
VICE PRESIDENT - Matthew Berlinsky
SECRETARY - Wayne Sampson
TREASURER - Lissett Vega

A Word from the President

First and foremost, thank you. Thank all of you who swung by and lent your talents, and time to our club this past semester. I am incredibly proud to have been given the honor to be your President. We accomplished more than I ever thought we could. We did things that people said we couldn't. We pushed through, and it was a blast. Thank you to the 2018 officers who are dedicated and determined to keep moving in the right direction. Thank you to the 2018 ASU Executive Council for all of your faith in us, and what we do. Thank you to all of the clubs who invited us in to their events, and gave up a little of their time for Club Hour. Of course, thank you to our advisors who pushed us and kept us on track. It was an exciting year, and an experience that has left its impression on me for a lifetime.

To those of you moving on, I wish you the best.
To those of you staying aboard, and especially to the club officers, I can't wait to see what comes next.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Commencement 2018!

The 2018 LAVC Commencement Ceremony will take place Tuesday, June 5 at 9am in Monarch Stadium.

We here at KVCM will be broadcasting the event live! Tune in for our Commencement Day programming with the live broadcast starting at 9am.

Are you Graduating?

If you happen to be on the field that day please send us your pics! We would love to feature some of your shots on our social media! Hashtag #kvcmradio so we can find your pics! Don't forget to follow @kvcmradio on instagram for up to the minute picture coverage!

Summer 2018

Radio Shows & Production!
Production will soon start for the Summer semester! We thank everyone who came out to lend their voice and talent to "The Voice of Valley College". However, we will be going strong in the summer! If you are interested in helping out with production, or improving your voicing, writing, or production skills, email us at
 - Have You Paid Your ASO Fee? -

Renew your ASO Fee! As you all register for your Fall 2018 classes please remember to pay your Fall ASO fee.

This is a ten dollar fee that must be paid every semester
. In order to be considered a member of the Broadcasting Club you must pay this fee! You can pay your ASO fee at the business office, or through the LAVC website. Visit then click the “pay fees” button and select pay ASO fee. 

- Social Media -

Do you want something posted on Social Media?

                Tag us on Instagram & Twitter @KVCMRadio                     and we will repost your content!  

Did you score an awesome interview and want hear it on-air?

We want your promos, pics, and soundbites. Email us at

we require a 72 hour notice for all postings

Are You Following Us?

There are plenty of ways to keep in contact with the club and KVCM! Make sure you're following us on all of our social media sites especially Instagram! Check out the bottom of the newsletter for the links to all of your favorite sites!

KVCM Website
KVCM Website
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KVCM SoundCloud
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