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ASU Lobby Committee


The ASU Lobby Committee falls under the responsibilities of the Commissioner of Political Affairs. 

The ASU Lobby Committee shall:

  1. Monitor any legislation that may be either beneficial or detrimental to the college and the student body and make recommendations regarding the issue to the Executive Council.
  2. The Lobby Committee is empowered to evaluate any past, current, or future bills and legislation and decide whether to concur or oppose the legislation to the Executive Council.
  3. The Lobby Committee shall be established with membership limited to the following:
    1. i. Commissioner of Political Affairs for the ASU, who shall act as chairperson.
    2. Two members of the Executive Council of the ASU, nominated by the Commissioner of Political Affairs and approved by a majority of the Executive Council.
    3. The Chief Student Services Officer or ASU Advisor or designee.
    4. One faculty member appointed by the Academic Senate in consultation with the AFT.
    5. Four students nominated by the Commissioner of Political Affairs and approved by a majority of the Executive Council. These students shall act as committee vicechair, secretary, event coordinator, and public affairs/outreach. Student members must be members in good standing of the ASU.
  4.  Action may be taken at any meeting only if there is quorum present consisting of a minimum of three students and the Chief Student Services Officer/ASU Advisor or designee.
  5. Recommendations of the Lobby Committee must be reported in writing to the Executive Council.
  6. In the event that the ASU Constitution and ASU Bylaws are silent on the subject, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be followed.
  7. The Chair shall conduct open meetings and include on all agendas an open forum section during which interested parties shall have an opportunity to be heard by the committee.
  8. Distribution of recommendations to members of the Executive Council shall be made at least three days prior to the meeting of the Executive Council at which the recommendations are to be placed on the agenda. ASU Executive Council Bylaws – Revised 8 / 2015 Page 11
    1. Maintain relations with the Student Trustee and submit the Lobby Committee’s recommendations and ongoing goals to him or her, to be presented to the Board of Trustees