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ASU Elections



Student Government

ASU 2017 Elections

A Who's Who Guide to the Candidates Running for Office


Voting will take place online, April 18th - May 3, 2017.  

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For login support please contact Votenet at or 866-984-3125. For general voting questions, please contact the Office of Student Life at 818-778-5516 OR email


Candidates for Treasurer: Responsible for keeping track of the ASU Budget


Ian Contreras

Major: Political Science

 As a Political Science major, my dream is to one day represent this country’s people in the federal government. By serving as Treasurer in the ASU, I hope to gain valuable experience and start familiarizing myself with the skills needed to manage this country’s economy. I have a good sense of spending and saving, and this ability will be put to full use overseeing the ASU funds. If elected, my only goal is to make sure all clubs and events are properly funded so they can achieve their goals, be it raising social awareness, gathering like-minded and similar-skilled individuals, or helping students with their education.  


Joseph Katona

Major: Electrical Engineering

I currently serve as the active treasurer of the ASU. Serving as the full-time treasurer for 2016-2017, I have an opportunity to make more of an impact following this term. I have served as the treasurer for clubs in high-school, and at the college level as-well, and even though I am an engineering major I love to work with finances. I am a very organized individual who sees this position as an opportunity to improve my skills with money and organization. My overall goal for the ASU is to keep the funds accounted for, and to improve the current system in any way I can. Overall, I want to build upon the foundation that I am making for whomever the treasurer will be for 2017-2018 to make managing funds easier for clubs and to hold accountability for all the money processed.

Candidates for Commissioner of Campus & Environmental Affairs: Helps develop programs that would promote awareness of the campus environment.


Meyrav Revivo

Major: Environmental Science

The LAVC student government board is an opportune platform to make progress on Campus. As the commissioner of Campus and Environmental Concerns, I would like to help bridge the gap between students and campus/environmental initiatives. Throughout the Spring Semester of 2017, I was able to experience what it’s like to be the Commissioner of Campus and Environmental Concerns; I made connections with faculty and staff through the required shared governance meetings and learned the process of what it takes to get plans actualized. Additionally, Environmental Science is the major I will be pursuing, I do care for the Environment and I would like to use this experience for my future work in the field of Environmental Science. Los Angeles Valley College is a special place and it would be a great opportunity to once again be the Commissioner of Campus and Environmental Concerns at LAVC.  

Candidates for Commissioner of Fine Arts:Reports on upcoming arts events on campus and in the community. Responsible for coordinating the annual Fine Arts Festival.

Joselyn Yang

Major: Studio Arts

I want to serve on the LAVC student government board because I want to show students that it’s not actually that hard to get involved in campus activities. I’m currently a studio arts major and my goals for the following semester consist of putting together more art fairs and helping other art students show their work to the rest of the campus. I want to help students that are struggling to get recognized. In high school, I was in charge of organizing fundraisers and concerts for my choir as well as work on dance and orchestra shows as a part of stage crew. I like putting together shows and organizing events, and I hope being a part of the student government will allow me to continue doing so. It’d be great if students voted for me, personally, because this would be the first step in preparing for my future. My goal is to become a curator someday. If I was appointed the position of Commissioner of Fine Arts, I would be very eager to listen to everyone’s suggestions about how we can improve campus activities and how to incorporate all the different arts on campus with one another- dance, theatre, studio art, etc. I do hope you vote for me. 

Candidates for Commissioner of Student & Social Affairs: Increases awareness of cultural diversity, creates an atmosphere of social awareness and promotes ASU sponsored events.  Responsible for coordinating the Dean's Reception and Commencement. 

Rosie Avetisyan

Major: Undecided

Serving as a board member for Los Angeles Valley College will give me the chance to voice the concerns of many students and advocate on their behalf. Through my experience as a Student Body Treasurer in my high school along with several club officer positions, I came up with activities and workshops to further improve the school and create an enjoyable atmosphere. As a student, several questions have crossed my mind on bettering the school. I feel one of the main problems LAVC faces is communication. There seems to be a disconnect between the students and the faculty, students aren’t usually aware of upcoming due dates, meeting dates, the opportunities offered on campus, and so on and so forth. As a board member, it would be my responsibility to progress on these issues and hopefully draw more attention in order to get students to be more active.

I am currently serving as the Commissioner of Student and Social Affairs for the 2016/2017 year. This experience will prepare me and make me aware of all the different events and activities I can plan and make them run smoothly and effectively. I’m aware of the workload and hours that must be put into this position for the best outcome for all the students, administration, and faculty. 

Candidates for Commissioner of Political Affairs: Responsible for planning and overseeing student body elections and chairs the Lobby Committee meetings.

Kiran Mehr

Major: Political Science

Ambitious. Considerate. Hardworking. Reliable. These are all qualities one needs to possess to successfully serve as a member in LAVC’s student government board. I, Kiran Mehr, desire to be the Commissioner of Political Affairs for I am confident that my experience and qualifications will be well suited for this position. The desire to make a difference, to be different, is a notion I have conquered in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
I aspire to bring positive change in LAVC and if possible, change the reputation of community colleges in our society. By being Commissioner of Political Affairs, I will be able to connect with our students and establish a strong relationship between the government of LAVC and them. With leadership and responsibility, I will promote the reputation of ASU and motivate other students to interact more intricately with our union. I expect to accomplish unity and teamwork as well as the notion of communication and appeal. All in all, with experiences from many different works of life, I am confident
I will be able to balance the hard work and formal responsibility that comes with being Commissioner of Political Affairs while also being able to relate to many students.

Vote for Constitutional Amendments:

Measure A

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Do you approve of the constitutional amendments as proposed by the Executive Council? This includes the elimination/creation of positions.  

Measure B

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Are you in favor of the ASU Executive Council receiving stipends for serving in office? ASU President $200 per month, all other $150 per month.