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ASU Elections



asu special elections - fall 2017


Vote  for your student representatives in Monarch Hall on October 18th and 19th. 
  • Campaigning

September 28-October 19

(Approved areas)*

  • Candidates’ Debate

Monday, October 9  

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Student Union Plaza

  • Elections

Wednesday, October 18 & Thursday, October 19    

Monarch Hall


Meet the Candidates




Lucine Kazanchian 

Major: Biology

As an ambitious student driven by my innate desire to serve as a voice for my peers, I am eager to serve on the Government Board at Los Angeles Valley College. I believe a president’s primary purpose is to act as the liaison between students and executives. As LAVC president, I will strive to improve mere correspondences between students and administration into purposeful relationships. I want to regulate matters that weigh heavily on students, expressing their concerns in ways that emphasize involvement on pivotal decisions for the benefit of the school. Moreover, I want to anchor a greater sense of school spirit, encourage students to become more involved, highlight ways for students to establish networks, set the tone for social and political conversations, and enhance overall student experiences. 

Full Personal Statement


Fatima Arriola

Major: Communication Studies

Our school system is the base of our community. I am passionate about bringing people together to mass into solutions that will strengthen our school system and improve opportunity for all students, because our community’s well-being – our region’s prosperity – depends on someone who’s willing to stand for all of us. I also want to make a systemic change to the student body at Valley College. I want to be a strong leader who is willing to go above and beyond for students. Overall, the main reason I want to serve as Los Angeles Valley College’s student government president is to be the positive voice for all students including the ones who are overlooked and underrepresented within the community. Ultimately, as president, I want every student to feel welcomed at valley without feeling intimidated or scared of others


Full Personal Statement


Milton Zerman

Major: History

I, Milton A. Zerman, am running for ASU President in order to properly represent the ideas and values of the students of LA Valley College. Though I am a currently serving member of the California State Guard and was Student Body Vice President in high school, I believe qualification for this position comes not from my leadership experience but rather from my character and dedication. I can assure all students that, like the late Michael Jackson, I will be “Working Day and Night” to ensure a better future and experience for all students at this wonderful college. One major goal I have is to work on improving the school’s overall aesthetic. I believe this can be done in part by organizing for the grass to be trimmed more regularly so that our fields can be utilized by students for various purposes. I will also be heavily involved in all issues from student events to veterans affairs. Overall, if elected, I will not only be the best ASU President I can be, but also quite possibly the best President in the history of Los Angeles Valley College.

Full Personal Statement


Leslie Silva Alegre

Major: Political Science

I’m twenty-years-old now and running for ASU president in hopes of becoming the voice for other students. I’m a political Science major and have studied at Los Angeles Valley college for two years now and I truly feel I have found a second home here and have nothing but the best interest of our student body at heart. I want to be able to make our community bigger and stronger and plan to do so by becoming involved in LAVC’s student government board. I have lived in the San Fernando Valley since I first got here from Peru and want to give back to the community that has given me so much and molded me into the person I am today. If there’s one thing I want to accomplish while i’m in office, it will be to get more students to become involved on campus and with their community.

Full Personal Statement

Vice President


Margarita Arzoumanian

Major: Anthropology

I want to serve on the LAVC student government board because I am passionate about this school and I want to make it the most comfortable and supportive campus it can be. I want to ensure all the opportunities offered may be accessible to every student on campus. I want to make sure that the needs of all students are met so that they can have the support and guidance to succeed in their future. My main goal during my Vice-Presidency will be to make sure every student’s voice is heard, every one of their needs are met, and they are provided with all that they need in order to help them become successful, hard-working, and passionate individuals so that they may succeed in their careers and lives after their community college careers. You should vote for me to ensure all your voices are heard, and needs are met within your community college careers.

Full Personal Statement

Commissioner of Institutional Effectiveness


Ian Contreras 

Major: Political Science

I want to work in the government one day, so joining the student government would hopefully provide me the experience necessary to do so. The only thing I hope to accomplish during my time on the ASU is leaving a positive effect on someone. Whether it be informing students of programs that change their educational game, or easing the stress of other ASU members, as long as I’m helping someone, then I’ll be successful. My qualifications are being calm under stressful situations, having a good sense of judgment, and explaining things in detail. If elected, I want the students to know they voted for someone who will try their best to help them, but to watch my actions so that I provide on my promises.



Srbuhi Shabazyan

Major: Philosophy

I would like to serve on the LAVC student government board because I think more student involvement in the school is crucial to it being a productive environment where students can have access to all the resources they need. I hope to make the campus a safer, more effective place for students to thrive. I intern for an organization called PESA(Parents, Educators/Teachers and Students in Action for better schools). In this organization we stay involved with the community by hosting events and festivals such as Vardavar (an Armenian holiday), and raise awareness for issues such as hate and discrimination by working with the youth in Restorative Justice Programs. Students should vote for me because I will use my position as Commissioner of Institutional Effectiveness to better Los Angeles Valley College in any way needed. 



Adam Poisal

Major: Political Science

My name is Adam Poisal and I am excited to be running for the position of Commissioner of Institutional Effectiveness for the ASU of LAVC. As the Commissioner of Institutional Effectiveness, I would work as a liaison between the student body of LAVC and the administration of the school in regard to regulatory measures that affect the student body. I would work to make sure that the entirety of the student body is made aware of any changes that will affect them, their education, and their time on campus. I would also act as a tireless advocate for the student body about any regulatory changes that adversely affect them. It is my goal to be the best advocate for the student body possible and to make sure that all students are aware of all changes that happen on campus that can alter their time there.

Full Personal Statement


Commissioner of Publicity


Samantha Hollander

Major: Graphic Design

Advertisement determines the success of any formal function or gathering. Without proper advertisement, a good cause can go unnoticed. As Commissioner of Publicity, I will assist in promoting LAVC events both internally and to the greater San Fernando Valley.  

I entered LAVC both timid and uninvolved.  Transitioning into a new environment is never easy.  However, the LAVC staff and student body welcomed me with opened arms.  Now, LAVC has become a home for me.  I intend on inspiring the staff and student body to become more involved with LAVC events and functions through my advertisement designs. Given my many years of professional work as an Adobe Certified Graphic Designer, I believe that I would be a proper candidate for this position.

I don’t want LAVC to be considered as a stepping stone in a student’s educational career.  Vote for me and LAVC will be recognized as the wonderful community that it truly is.



Nataly Kemdjian

Major: Political Science

My goal as a member of the student government at LAVC is to help improve the ASU as well as achieve any goals I can as the Commissioner of Publicity. A major issue I’ve noticed among Valley College students is a lack of spirit for their school, their teams, their classes, etc. As commissioner of publicity, I hope to reach out to students and persuade them to be more active in student life and go on to document all of this in order to show other students that their experience at community college is supposed to be memorable and exciting so they should enjoy their time here! Students should vote for me because I have the time necessary to dedicate to being a devoted member of the student government at LAVC.

Full Personal Statement



Commissioner of Social Media


James Malis

Major: Political Science

The main reason I want to serve on the LAVC student government board is to make going to LAVC a better experience for all of its students. I have been going here a year now and it feels like many of the students here have little pride in the school and leave campus as soon as they finish their classes for the day. I want to change this culture so that students will have pride in the school and actually want to get involved with what’s going on around campus. I believe one of the main reasons for this lack of student life on Valley is that people just don’t know these events are going on. The solution for this is for LAVC to establish a stronger presence on social media that will make it much more convenient for students to find out about what’s going on around campus. This is why I want to become the school’s commissioner of social media so I can start establishing this presence and bring an overall more social atmosphere to LAVC.

Full Personal Statement


Jaredd Franco

Major: Political Science

Over the past years, Los Angeles Valley College has been prospering in academics, athletics, and transfer rates. However, I believe that students are not aware of the numerous opportunities LAVC offers them to flourish. To serve for the LAVC government allows me to play an active role in the student’s life. Particularly, becoming the Social Media Commissioner interests me because it is an effective way for the LAVC community to unite. Having a successful social media outlet encourages faculty, students, and prospective students to be educated on what being a Monarch is like. I want students to become aware and active of the diverse opportunities for this diverse community.

Full Personal Statement



Commissioner of Health and Safety


Valery Gonda

Major: Marketing

The reason I desire to serve LAVC and be part of the student government board is because I feel that students on campus have a responsibility in creating a positive impact towards their school, their campus, their faculty & their peers. Creating positive impact on campus can be accomplished in many different fashions. For me personally, since a very early age in my life, I have been very passionate about people's health & safety. If I am elected to hold the position of "Commissioner for Health & Safety", I will act on behalf of the school and student's best interest when it regards furthering their health and safety. I plan to achieve this through school events, informational meetings, fundraisers, charity walks, and things of the like. Thank you for your consideration.

For more information contact the Office of Student Life (Student Union Bldg. Room 208) Call  (818) 778-5516