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K-12 Students


High School Students


High school students are allowed to enroll while they are still in high school provided that they fill out an Admissions Application online and get the approval of their principal or designee on a Supplemental Appliction for Admission of Students in Grades K-12 [PDF: 51KB].

Deciding Which Classes To Take

The principal or designee signing the concurrent enrollment form should approve the class(es) in which you are attempting to enroll, however, you are still required to meet college-level prerequisites for any course you wish to enroll. If you are planning to take English or math classes you must complete the Guided Self Placement.

Enrolling In Classes

Students can choose to take classes at Los Angeles Valley College or at selected high school campuses.

For more information, please see the current Schedule of Classes or contact: The Office of Outreach and Recruitment 
(818) 947-7218                                                                                                

K-8 Students

Eligibility Requirements for students enrolled in K-8th Grade

Students enrolled in K-8th grades as of the 1st day of the semester they plan to attend must meet a variety of requirements before they can be admitted. Students must:

  • Fill out a paper admissions application: This application helps determine whether a student meets the minimum admissions criteria to be eligible to attend.
  • Submit a Supplemental Application [PDF: 51KB] for Admissions of Students in Grades K-12: The principal giving the student permission to attend Los Angeles Valley College before graduating from high school must sign the Concurrent Enrollment Form.
  • Letter from the Principal: On school letterhead, please provide a letter stating the class(es) recommended and appropriateness of requested course(s).
  • Student Statement: A statement from the student indicating the reason for wanting to enroll in a college course.
  • Transcripts: Academic records from the student's school.

Admission Procedures

  • Submit you Admissions Application and Concurrent Enrollment Form: Once you have filled out the Admissions Application and gotten permission from your middle/high school to attend, you may submit your application Academic Affairs, located in the Administration and Career Advancement (ACA) Building.
  • Deciding Which Classes To Take: The principal signing the concurrent enrollment form should approve the class(es) in which you are attempting to enroll.
  • Paying Your Fees: Concurrently enrolled Middle/High school students are exempt from paying enrollment fees.