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Introducing a new way to register

A New Way to Register at Valley College


Students at Los Angeles Valley College and all the other colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District can access all their student systems using the new Student Information System (SIS) Student Portal.

This new student portal now allows you to search for open classes, register for classes, pay fees, check your financial aid, as well as access all your student student email with one single login. There is also a LACCD Mobile app that allows you to access the SIS at anytime, at anywhere. 

If you want to learn more aboui the new SIS Student Portal, please check out the posted on its new features as well as you can view help guides.


Current, new or returning students—If you can still check for available classes in Fall Semester 2018 and Winter Session 2019 (no login required) by using the buttons below.

New and returning students—You will need to apply online in order to be given a student ID and registration appointment to register online through the SIS Portal. To use the buttons below to search for available classes (no login required).

Faculty—Help guides on how to access the new SIS Portal for Faculty are also available.


Use the buttons below to access features of the new SIS to:

  • Search for short-term classes in the Fall 2018 Searchable Class Schedule (no login required).Fall 2018 Classes button

  • Search for classes in the Winter 2019 Searchable Class Schedule (no login required).
    Winter 2019 Classes button

  • Use all the features of the LACCD Student Portal including registering for Fall 2018 classes and/or Winter 2019 classes and to check your unofficial transcript.
    Fall 2018 & Winter 2019 Register Button
  • Check the 2018-2019 Catalog with course descriptions and view the Academic Calendar.
    2018-2019 Catalog button

NEED help?

Help Guides on the New SIS for Students

Help Guides on the New SIS for Faculty


Introducing the New Mobile App

In February 2018, the Los Angeles Community College District launched the app for iPhone and Android. Read more about this new app.

Tips on Using the New LACCD Student Information System

As of May 15, 2017, you can now do more using the new Student Portal. Most notably, the following is an overview of the changes to the student registration process:

  • Updating SIS/Email Password 
    If you started attending LAVC (or one of the other LACCD campuses) in Spring 2017 or prior but have not yet updated your SIS/Student Email password, you will need to so in order to be able to register for Fall 2017. Learn how to update your password.
  • Registration Appointment
    You are now assigned a date to register online for your classes, and not a specific appointment time. You may register on his/her appointment date beginning at 8:00 a.m. until 11:59 p.m. or any day after your appointment date before school starts. Check their appointment date in the new Student Portal.
  • Registering for Classes
    There is a new process for registering for classes. Visit the New SIS Help Web page for videos tutorials and user guides on how to register for classes.
  • Waitlists
    Courses have “dynamic” waitlists. This means that you may add yourself to a waitlist after a class closes, and you will be added to that class when space becomes available. For more information on the Waitlist Policy for Closed Classes, please see the PeopleSoft SIS FAQ or read the full Waitlist Policy for Closed Classes (PDF). 
  • Prerequisites
    You will be able to enroll in a class for an upcoming term while you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite. If you drop or do not pass the prerequisite course, you will be dropped from the subsequent class. 
    • If you are having issues with registering due to prerequisite, email Ashley Dunn or Anna Cheshmedzhyan and provide the following info: first name, last name, student ID number, course number, prerequisite and/or corequisite.
  • Permission Numbers instead of Add Permits
    No more turning in Add Permits (or add slip) to add a class; Add Permits do not exist anymore with this new system. If you are not able to add a class online (or be added through a waitlist before the first day of school), you will need to go to the first class meeting and request permission from the instructor. If the instructor is willing to add you, the instructor will give you a Permission Number.
  • Payment
    Fees are due in full at the time of registration. You will be dropped from classes unless payment is made, in full, by the Payment Deadline posted in the Student Portal. You will not be dropped if you:
    • Are approved and awarded a Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOGW).
    • Have anticipated financial aid sufficient to cover ALL your fees.
    • Have a college-approved Payment Plan Contract.
    • Are sponsored by a third party and the College Business Office has received confirmation that the anticipated aid payment is pending.