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2019 LAVC All-Steinway Benefit Concert - Click Here!

The LAVC Music Department provides a dynamic environment for the exploration of the complete musician / entrepreneur – performer, composer, educator, promoter, producer. We offer a complete set of courses in performance, history, theory, performance ensembles, commercial music, recording arts, and general education. We offer a two-year Music A.A. degree, a two-year Commercial Music A.A., a two-year Music AAT (music transfer degree), and five Commercial Music Certificates. Our dedicated faculty and staff specialize in hands-on attention and bring a wealth of real-world experience into the classroom.


March 16, 2019 All-Steinway Benefit Concert - Click Here to Buy Tickets!

Watch the All Steinway Campaign Video - Click Here!

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OLD ADL 721CE - Community Orchestra (section #: 26837) - Meets on Wednesdays from 7:30p-10:00p. Contact Dr. Michael Arshagouni for more info:

OLD ADL 501CE - Community Chorus (section #: 26829) - Meets on Wednesdays from 6:50p-10:00p. Contact Nathaniel Widelitz for more info:

OLD ADL 751CE - Community Wind Ensemble (section #: 26838) - Meets on Mondays from 6:50p-10:00p. Contact Chauncey Maddren for more info:

MUSIC 270 - DJ Workshop (section: 26476-lecture, 26477-lab) - Meets on Thursdays from 6:00p-10:00p. Contact Irene Gutierrez (aka DJ Irene) for more info:


The LAVC Music Department maintains partnerships with various community organizations: The American Guitar Society, The American Society of Music Arrangers & Composers, and Education Through Music - Los Angeles. These partnerships provide free seminars and networking for LAVC Music students.


Los Angeles Valley College is an All-Steinway School.