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Jobs at Valley College

Jobs at Valley College


Academic Job Announcements Photo of teacher helping students

Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) will regularly post information about the academic job openings available on campus. These academic job opening postings are full-time, part-time or limited assignments (see job description). All candidates must meet the minimum qualifications to be eligible for that position.

Please select from the following available academic job openings below:

(The most recent jobs are listed first)

Description Application Due By
Disability Specialist 02/12/2016
Economics Instructor 02/26/2016
French Instructor 02/26/2016
English Instructor - Basics Skills 02/26/2016
English Instructor 02/19/2016
Biology Instructor - General Non-Majors Biology and Marine Biology 02/19/2016
Biology Instructor - General Non-Majors Biology and Microbiology 02/19/2016
Biology Instructor - General Non-Majors Biology 02/19/2016
Biology Instructor - General Non-Majors Biology and Human Anatomy 02/19/2016
Psychology Instructor 02/25/2016
Mathematics Instructor - Statistics Emphasis 02/19/2016
Mathematics Instructor (3 positions) 02/26/2016
Chemistry Instructor 02/19/2016
E.S.L Instructor 02/19/2016
Physics Instructor 02/19/2016
Sociology Instructor 02/19/2016
Communication Studies Instructor 02/19/2016
Business Administration (Real Estate) Instructor 03/11/2016
Business Accounting Instructor 02/19/2016
Business Law Instructor 02/26/2016
Geography Instructor 03/11/2016
Kinesiology (Health/Fitness) Instructor 02/26/2016
History Instructor 02/26/2016
Political Science Instructor 02/26/2016

Classified and Certificated Job Announcements

The LAVC Personnel Office also has information about classified and certificated job announcements in the Los Angeles Community College District. Visit the LAVC Payroll and Personnel Web Page for more details.

Affirmative Action Policy

The policy of the Los Angeles Community College District is to implement affirmatively, equal opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, sex, pregnancy, age, disability marital status, sexual orientation, medical condition (cancer-related ), or veteran status. Positive action will be taken to ensure that this policy is followed in all personnel practices including recruitment, hiring, placement, upgrading, transfer, demotion, training, layoff, or termination. A vigorous equal employment opportunity program will be maintained to ensure a diverse work force and to achieve expected representation of qualified members of under represented groups through the implementation of specific results-oriented plans and procedures. LAVC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Other Job Announcements

Job opportunities are also available in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD):

For more information, visit the LACCD Human Resources Division Web page